Saturday, November 3, 2012

Motions and orders

"Patent rights are, by statute, temporary. CleanTech is damaged every day Adkins is allowed to infringe during the brief life of its patents, not only because Adkins is unlawfully profiting from CleanTech’s technology, but also because CleanTech’s business reputation and good will suffer daily from the ongoing uncertainty caused by the continued infringement."


"Not only is Adkins’s potential defense irrelevant to the Motion to Amend, but Adkins proffers no evidence that CleanTech agreed to refrain from suing Adkins for patent infringement, because there is none. Adkins’s conclusory allegation, therefore, should not prevent the Court from granting CleanTech leave to add the ‘484 Patent."  See Here




Anonymous said...

The most important news is KK is starting the next scam with Adarna. Same story, new worthless patent and big announcement.

There is no end to the process. Find a convincing patent, buy the technology, merge it into a shell, reverse split the shell to make it look attractive and then issue the stock under a new symbol with new technology.

Watch this stock do the same as most KK manipulations. It will spike, majority shareholders will sell and make big profits and then it will continue to dwindle, split and have great news all the way down.

Good luck suckers. As is obvious, a few tied in managers of GERS own 80% of the stock non-diluted. They may manipulate it however they see fit and if a favorable ruling comes from litigation, they do not need give you a dime. And they will not based upon history.

The only thing in this stock that will make shareholders whole is for over 50% to be held by non-majority stockholders. And guess what, what they are doing is legal.

If there is a settlement or court win, then they no longer need investors. Where in your stock purchase is there an agreement that you get any portion of a settlement? Shares of stock are sold to gain capital investment for return. Business decisions and profit distribution are made by majority stockolders.

Gotcha for a long term on this play. Hope ADRN does the same return for me.


Anonymous said...

Was meinst du? Ich glaube GERS ist einfach besser als die andere. Was fuer ein negativ Post. Lass dass weinen und wartest du auf einige Nachrichten.

Anonymous said...

if insiders cant be diluted, why isnt the claim to "fees and costs" a common shareholder interest?

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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