Friday, July 18, 2014

Pure Bluster

Finally, Guardian’s argument that the ‘037 patent is invalid under 35 U.S.C. § 102(e)(Opposition, p. 5) is pure bluster and should not be considered by the Court as a basis for denying the motion to amend. CleanTech has addressed this issue in detail in MDL # MDN 1160. Under the correct application of § 102(e), the relevant portion of the ‘858 patent specification does not qualify as § 102(e) prior art against the ‘037 patent. The PTO has already come to the same conclusion during the prosecution of an application related to the ‘037 patent.
Therefore, the ‘037 patent cannot be invalidated under § 102(e) in view of the ‘858 patent.



Reason for GERS Sealed

Sunday, July 13, 2014


Lignin Recovery

Lignin is an integral part of all lignocellulosic material. It serves as a structural component and plays a significant roll in the transfer of water in plants. Lignin is a biopolymer containing aromatic phenoxy-groups, aliphatic carboxy-groups and aliphatic alcohols, and if recovered and purified, lignin can be adapted to many functional chemistries.
Today, a significant amount of lignin can be found within a byproduct stream of pulp and paper mills known as black liquor. Black Liquor is a byproduct of the pulp and paper process that is generally concentrated in multi-effect evaporation and then burned for energy. GreenShift estimates that more than 50 million tons of lignin is burned each year at pulp and paper mills worldwide.
Furthermore, should the United States reach its lignocellulosic ethanol goal of 16 billion gallons per year, this industry would product a byproduct stream containing more than 100 million tons per year of lignin that most expect will also be burned for energy production.
GreenShift believes that if efficiently recovered and purified, lignin’s value would far exceed that of boiler fuels. As such, GreenShift has invested in and continues to invest in the development of cost effective extraction and purification process technologies that can be adopted by pulp and paper manufacturing facilities as well as lignocellulosic ethanol facilities.
Furthermore, GreenShift is investing in and developing high value applications for lignin. Many of the products being developed by GreenShift from lignin are direct replacements for petroleum derived products; thereby further reducing global dependence on oil, creating significant sources of income and improving the environment.

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Short Order

For the foregoing reasons, the court GRANTS in PART and DENIES in PART
CleanTech’s motion to quash the subpoena (Dkt. 5) to Michael Rye. Mr. Rye’s
deposition may not be taken by the defendants unless, after they depose Mr.
O’Brien, a strong showing of the need for Mr. Rye’s testimony is demonstrated as
addressed above.

See Here


30 Page Order

By permitting its trial counsel to play a direct role in disclosures to the PTO, CleanTech risked exposing its litigators to discovery regarding those disclosures.

Defendant Reply Brief

Thus, the Court, as well as the parties and persons of skill in the art, are left "at sea without a reliable compass" . . .

See Here

VG Reply


Friday, June 27, 2014


GERS CAN add to complaint

GERS DOES add to complaint

GERS' take on (and takes on) Counter Claims


Recent Updates

Let GERS add patent and two parties
ICM sold the equipment to Guardian to be used in their infringing oil recovery process. Mr. Vander Griend personally decided to indemnify ICM’s customers against CleanTech’s patent infringement claims. CleanTech respectfully requests permission to add a count to the Complaint that alleges infringement of the ‘037 Patent and to add claims that ICM and Mr. Vander Griend contributed to and/or actively induced infringement of the patents-in-suit.

Proposed Order to Add

Seal'er up

Expand Patents

OK to leave


Sunday, June 22, 2014

Held Up on Appeal

CleanTech's court win held up on appeal:

“The trial court properly found that the borrower (CleanTech) never signed any documents that granted a security interest to plaintiffs in any collateral, including net cash flows,” stated the Appeals Court opinion.

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Lions and Taggers

About those Tag-alongs . . see here


Will the Q be on Friday or Monday?  What will that mean?

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