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New Direction?

Transition of Web Site:
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New Direction?



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". . . removed Edward Carroll, Richard Krablin, David Winsness and Gregory Barlage from their positions as officers of the Registrant. Mr. Barlage will remain employed as an executive . . ."

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The End?

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More Filings and an Update

1387 19 Pages of Lawyers Emailing Each Other

1387 Designation of Evidence

1388 Plaintiff under Seal


PS  Document 1386, when one tries to bring it up, states:  "This document is not available."  This is normally what one sees on a sealed document.  It may be the item addressed in 1388?  Or something else?

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Ethanol Producer Magazine Article

Edward Carroll, CEO and chief financial officer of GreenShift, told Ethanol Producer Magazinethat while the case was being appealed, the company’s patents remained valid.  The next step for GreenShift is appeal. “We think the judge got it wrong,” he said, explaining that district court cases on patents that are appealed go to a specialized three-judge panel that only hear cases on patents. “It’s the only district court that specializes in patent law, only because it’s so complex,” he said. “In our case, we feel that the district judge did not understand the patent law, and hopefully on appeal the three-judge panel will see our view.”

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GERS Motion


Friday, November 14, 2014

3Q is Out

On October 23, 2014 the District Court in Indiana ruled in favor of defendants on their motions for summary judgment alleging that the corn oil extraction patents that have been issued to GS CleanTech were invalid. The judge’s ruling in the MDL case is not final as there are additional issues in the case that are not resolved. The Company strongly disagrees with the Judge’s ruling, intends to mount a vigorous appeal and notes that all patents remain valid until the appeals process is exhausted.

On October 23, 2014 the United States District Court in Indiana, to which our patent enforcement actions had been assigned, entered summary judgment declaring that our principal corn oil extraction patents are invalid. The decision is not yet final, pending additional issues in the case.  We intend to appeal the decision at the appropriate time and believe that we will ultimately prevail. However, the decision may have an adverse impact on our licensing activities until we achieve a favorable result in the court of appeals.
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The Big SJ

*Summary Judgement* 230+ pages

Skunk's SJ Highlights copy/pasted  2+ pages

Discharging Order to show cause

Defendant's Testimony


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