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Cranberries before the harvest

For the reasons stated herein, Defendant Adkins Energy, LLC’s Motion to Remand is

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Sounds like progress is being made in litigation, and perhaps we are closer to a resolution than i thought. Glta

nobody12378 said...

It is still surprising that Slash or the Skunk have not yet weighed in on the implications of GPRE Q3 reduction in corn oil revenue and what it may mean to GERS' Q3.

Anonymous said...

Nobody said: "In fact more people have bought in at 1 cent than GERS has outstanding shares."

Fact: About 3 million shares traded at .01. What a liar! He acts like everything he types is gospel.

nobody12378 said...

If you had any idea how many of the reported 38 million shares were locked up you would know how wildly inflated the claims so many are making about being so smart to buy in at a penny are. Since you have no idea what you are talking about you are just wasting time here, you have nothing to contribute. And your continued avoidance diatribe that is used to side track potential investors from seeing the real issues that they should be considering is nothing short of fraud. Why do you not respond to the GPRE implications for GERS' Q3? Reason, it ain't going to be pretty and you are unable, in your fantasy-laden, view to accept that reality. Now go to cranberry bogs, find a river birch clump, strip some bark and smoke it, your world view will smooth out greatly.

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Defendants must be almost broke by now, not from litigation costs, but from paying Nobody overtime to bash this stock! Don't believe his lies! He keeps a dictionary link open on his desktop so he can sound more creditable. What a jerk!

nobody12378 said...

I have all the financial "credit" that I need thank you -- "creditable"; the Neanderthal knuckle dragging imbeciles are so out of their league here.

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bids up

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ask rising

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bid 1/4 BILLI !

Slashnuts said...

GERS' #1 Customer Reports Record Oil Yield .66 Pounds Per Bushel!$!$!

Q3's corn oil revenue of $14,530,000 was down slightly from the $15,463,000 reported in Q2. A modest decline of 6% or $933K.

While oil volumes did slip 1.4 million pounds, this will be more than made up for by the increase from GERS' 2nd largest customer, ANDE. Greenshift's revenue and EPS will increase to a new record in Q312.

Despite a 6.4% or 11,000,000 gallon reduction in ethanol production, corn oil production decreased by only 3.6% or 175,000 gallons, from Q2 to Q3.

GPRE extracted 37.2 million pounds compared to 32.7 in last year's Q3.

In the first 9 months of 2012, oil revenues jumped to $43 million compared to $28.8 million in the first 9 months of 2011.

Oil yields per bushel surged 32% from .5 pounds in Q311 to a record .66 pounds in Q312 and up from the previous quarter.

Corn oil volumes climbed 4.5 million pounds YOY in Q3. That's an increase of 13.8% even though ethanol production contracted.

In the first 9 months of 2012, pounds of oil extracted surged nearly 70% compared to the first 9 months of 2011.

"Revenues in the corn oil production segment increased by $13.2 million for the nine months ended September 30, 2012 compared to the same period in 2011. During the nine months ended September 30, 2012, we sold 109.2 million pounds of corn oil compared to 64.3 million pounds in the same period of 2011."

"Gross profit and operating income in the corn oil production segment increased by $7.1 million and $7.0 million, respectively, for the nine months ended September 30, 2012 compared to the same period in 2011. The increases are primarily attributable to the increase in production volumes discussed above."

GPRE Q312 Report...

I'm very pleased with the financial performance of GERS' #1 customer in Q312.

2012 was one of the worst droughts in more than 50 years. GPRE beat on both EPS estimates as well as revenues. Many analysts predicted GPRE would lose $.30 per share, they only lost $.03. Revenues were much higher than the estimates of $852, they generated $947.4.

Good Luck To All!$!$!$!$!$!$

Anonymous said...

Nobody is trying to Google, Cut & Paste a clever and "Learned" retort. This may keep him busy for a while!! Hopefully. DHOLE

Anonymous said...

Nice close for the week at Five!! Sizable too! Sounds like Judge Larry is getting down to the "Short Rows", as the Farmers say! DHOLE

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Check out road sign just to right of center in last picture. Clik it hahahahaha

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The most important news is KK is starting the next scam with Adarna. Same story, new worthless patent and big announcement.

There is no end to the process. Find a convincing patent, buy the technology, merge it into a shell, reverse split the shell to make it look attractive and then issue the stock under a new symbol with new technology.

Watch this stock do the same as most KK manipulations. It will spike, majority shareholders will sell and make big profits and then it will continue to dwindle, split and have great news all the way down.

Good luck suckers. As is obvious, a few tied in managers of GERS own 80% of the stock non-diluted. They may manipulate it however they see fit and if a favorable ruling comes from litigation, they do not need give you a dime. And they will not based upon history.

The only thing in this stock that will make shareholders whole is for over 50% to be held by non-majority stockholders. And guess what, what they are doing is legal.

If there is a settlement or court win, then they no longer need investors. Where in your stock purchase is there an agreement that you get any portion of a settlement? Shares of stock are sold to gain capital investment for return. Business decisions and profit distribution are made by majority stockolders.

Gotcha for a long term on this play. Hope ADRN does the same return for me.


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dipchit donkey boy HEE HAW^

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