Saturday, November 3, 2012

Corn Prices Peaked?

If the U.S. corn and soybean crops do get larger, the recent high prices aren’t likely to stick around.

Just like Ethanol plants, todays farmers can lock in sales for next year. 

So, he’s considering selling some of next year’s crop. "I can still get $6 for my corn next fall. That doesn’t look as good as today’s prices of $7.50, but it’s a lot better than $4.50."




Anonymous said...

Ist das nicht ein Schnitzelbank, Ist das nicht ein hin und her?

The most important news is KK is starting the next scam with Adarna. Same story, new worthless patent and big announcement.

There is no end to the process. Find a convincing patent, buy the technology, merge it into a shell, reverse split the shell to make it look attractive and then issue the stock under a new symbol with new technology.

Watch this stock do the same as most KK manipulations. It will spike, majority shareholders will sell and make big profits and then it will continue to dwindle, split and have great news all the way down.

Good luck suckers. As is obvious, a few tied in managers of GERS own 80% of the stock non-diluted. They may manipulate it however they see fit and if a favorable ruling comes from litigation, they do not need give you a dime. And they will not based upon history.

The only thing in this stock that will make shareholders whole is for over 50% to be held by non-majority stockholders. And guess what, what they are doing is legal.

If there is a settlement or court win, then they no longer need investors. Where in your stock purchase is there an agreement that you get any portion of a settlement? Shares of stock are sold to gain capital investment for return. Business decisions and profit distribution are made by majority stockolders.

Gotcha for a long term on this play. Hope ADRN does the same return for me.


Anonymous said...

dipchit donkey boy HEE HAW^

Anonymous said...

yes... ein grosses Esel... hi-han

Anonymous said...

Waaaaah did you just get laid off by icm
That's why your bitter

Anonymous said...

Someone is putting in a fair amount of effort, trying to get weak hands to sell. Why? Is this because the pennys are gone and litigation seems to be going our way? GLTA

Anonymous said...

get the weaks to sell, I am all in at $0.001!

Anonymous said...

5s about gone

nobody12378 said...

You are right -- there is now a fire sale @ 0.049

Anonymous said...

gers very bullish

Anonymous said...

Fire sale? What a drama queen!

Anonymous said...

For Two years we have resisted calling anyone a Queen and now you have done done it!! But now that you have brought it up!!! ~~~~? But, I'm sure It will be refuted. I just don't know what Google Language will be selected. Latin? DHOLE

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