Thursday, May 10, 2018

7 More Filings with GERS Appeal

Document 73 Reject Motions for procedure - GERS - Appellants

Document 74 Reject Motions for procedure - Appellees

Document 75  This only:  NOTICE OF DEFICIENCY: The certificate of interest (COI) [71] filed by Appellees ACE Ethanol, LLC and GEA Mechanical Equipment US, Inc. in 17-1832 is incomplete and therefore cannot be accepted for filing at this time. Item #3 references Attachment A, but no attachment was provided. Also, item #5 was not included on the form (as of 10/02/2017, all COIs must adhere to FCR 47.4 as amended). You are being afforded the opportunity to correct the deficiency. At the discretion of the court, the corrected document may be accepted for filing if received before midnight (EST) on the date of this notice. [520310] [MJL] [Entered: 05/09/2018 11:33 AM]

Document 76  Corrected Certificate of Interest for the Appellees

Document 77  MOTION of Appellees . . . 35 pages . . .

Document 78  MOTION of Appellants Greenshift . . . 792 pages . . .

Document 79  This only:  Sealed or confidential document received [Confidential Declaration of Steven B. Pokotilow in Support of CleanTech's Motion to File an Extended Brief Under CAFC Rule 28(c) with Exhibits A to D] for Appellants Greenshift Corporation and GS CleanTech Corporation. Service: 05/09/2018 by email. [520544] [17-1832] [Steven Pokotilow] [Entered: 05/09/2018 06:13 PM]


Good Catch Nobody


nobody123789 said...

Two observations.

C&C are still part of legal representation.

AND many of the 44 different issues virtually revolve around the on-sale bar conflict with the inventor's right to bench test; which the Federal Circuit has already adjudicated in July 2016. They may look different but if you follow the narrative they circle back to this lower court error which becomes the basis for many of the other rulings against GERS (e.g. inequitable conduct). This is the first time ALL of the issues associated with the lower courts' decisions are integrated into one publicly available filing. There is little doubt in my (non legal) mind that GERS will prevail if given the opportunity procedurally.

It must also be clear to the defendants as well, and has been. I hope that we are not further delayed by disingenuous offers to "settle" as a delaying tactic.

Robin said...

over 700 pages... no wonder lawyers make so much money, they need it to purchase stuff to stay awake to write so much legal stuff.

noticed a lot of blacked out data pertaining to % of oil and heat and stuff... Those companies probably don't want any other companies/parties to 'infringe' or 'steal' their 'intellectual' property.

don't know about the confidential document as it looks like it describes what is confidential. something about a judge letting GERS appeal.

maybe by the time I wade through the 700+ pages the stock price/news might be better. I estimate completing reading all that stuff to be Jan of 2020.

Anonymous said...

It wouldn't take Batman or Alfred that long to read it...

Robin (as not in, 'men in tights') said...

Hey, I'm up to page ten now and then forgot page 1 so had to start over. As for Batman, I think he owns shares in the infringing companies. The guy always gets all the credit. Nothing but a big overgrown bat if'n ya ask me.

Legalize in court documents can actually cause the eyes to glaze over.

Still positive thinking especially after seeing at least something is going on for GERS. The confidential filing got me interested.

Guess we'll see! Oh. Crap. There goes the bat signal and yes, that moron Batman is jumping into his tights... Alfred, do we have any mac and cheese?

"No, master Robin, only lobster or caviar"


* said...

I'll be head'en nort for the second time this year. I'll be on the road for a few days with out my laptop - just my phone. Nobody has an account and maybe others. Please mind the store and post any news while I'm out. SkunK

nobody123789 said...

Will do, Judge Stoll's ruling maybe the next important entry on PACER.

nobody123789 said...

Two housekeeping filings on PACER plus

Anonymous said...

Safe travels SkunK!

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