Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Senior Judge Robert Miller Jr

At the time of his death on Sept. 20, McKinney had 250 pending civil cases and 27 pending criminal cases. While most cases will be reassigned to judges in the Southern District of Indiana, additional assistance is needed.
Miller will accept a continual docket of 50 cases in the Southern District. His inherited caseload includes a complex multidistrict litigation case that has multiple pending post-judgement motions.
Appointed by President Ronald Reagan and confirmed by the U.S. Senate, Miller has been a judge for the Northern District of Indiana since 1985. He served as chief judge from 2003 through 2010 and assumed senior status Jan. 11, 2016.


Thanks to slashnuts for the heads up in the comment section of the last blog.


Slashnuts said...

Court of Appeals Overturns Patent Decision

Article dated: January 23, 2017

"The Court of Appeals overturned a decision by the district court that patents owned by U.S. Water relating to the use of phytase to reduce deposits in ethanol processing equipment were invalid."

"On July 29, 2015, the district court found on summary judgment that U.S. Water’s patents were invalid and also dismissed one of Novozymes’ affirmative defenses.  However, (on December 15, 2016) the Federal Circuit vacated the judgment that U.S. Water’s patents were invalid and affirmed the dismissal of one of Novozymes’ defenses.  As a result of the Federal Circuit reversal, U.S. Water’s patents are once again presumed valid."

“U.S. Water is pleased with the Federal Circuit’s careful consideration of its appeal as reflected in the decision vacating the judgment of invalidity."


Good Luck To All!$!$!$

Slashnuts said...

Back To The Basics: ICM Abandons The AOS...

It appears the Advanced Oil System has been pulled off the market. Could this be settlement related?


The AOS is no longer a product offering.


A small caption in this link states "information updated 9/12/17"


Also, no mention of the AOS in this recent Biodiesel Magazine article.


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Anonymous said...

Great dd slash!

Kisha Waters said...

All these JACKASS NFL players that show contempt for America by kneeling are insuring that they get a pay cut in the future. I love America and stopped watching NFL games and wont watch NFL games ever again because NFL owners support their players contempt for America. The final straw was watching NFL players disrespect America in England by kneeling for the USA National anthem then showing respect for England National Anthem.

Anonymous said...

Most people that spent their hard earned money on tickets, one outs or season tickets, won't boycott the games. I suggest that no one go to the probowl and let the players, owners, commis and sponsors flounder!

nobody123789 said...

Sorry -- wrong forum! What does this have to do with GERS?

Anonymous said...

Nothing... Idle chat while we idle in the courts...

Anonymous said...


Slashnuts said...

Edeniq Pulls The Plug On The Oil Plus System...

This was the link to the so called "Oil Plus" system.


Oil extraction is no longer a product offered.


Could the sudden disappearance of ICM's AOS and now Edeniq's Oil Plus be settlement related?

The AOS was pulled from their website exactly 1 month ago on 9-12-17.

"© 2017 ICM, Inc. All Rights Reserved. For informational purposes only. Updated 9/12/17"

Another subtle change I noticed is a decrease of $200,000 in projected gross margin. It was previously stated, for many years, that $7.6 million in margin could be expected. Yet the price per pound, yield, opportunity and operational costs remain the same. Not sure if it means anything, but it's a difference of about 2.64%.


An ICM-designed plant with no current oil recovery system could expect to add more than $7.6 million* to their annual gross margin after installing the BTS™.


An ICM-designed plant with no current oil recovery system could expect to add more than $7.4 million* to their annual gross margin after installing the BTS™.

Previous and current

"* Assumes non-food-grade corn oil market of $0.45 per lb., associated opportunity and operational costs of $0.09 per lb., and ICM oil recovery system recovery rate of 0.23 kg/bushel."


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Slashnuts said...

AOS Vanishes From Valero's Website...

All references to the Advanced Oil System have been removed.




Good Luck To All!$!$!$

Anonymous said...

Thanks Slash... Like me, you have been around here a long time...

I am actually running real good with a few other stocks. One of them is RQHTF. RQHTF has tripled for me in the past few weeks and it has much more room to move higher.

Keep the faith!

nobody123789 said...

Valero is not a defendant. IF Valero is in the fold (becoming a royalty paying client of GERS) as a result (directly or indirectly) of the settlement(s) then at least $56,000,000 in yearly revenue for GERS may be on the table ($700,000,000 x 0.8 x .10 [assumed royalty fee]).
"GreenShift has invented, patented and commercialized a process to recover Corn Oil from the low value evaporator concentrate stream within a corn ethanol facility. The technology generally has less than a 12-month payback, has been adopted by more than 80% of the corn-based dry mill ethanol industry and collectively produces more than $700 million per year in additional income or about 14 cents of value added for each bushel of corn processed. This is the most significant advancement the industry has ever seen".

Pretty good for nickel stock ($2.80 per common share).

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