Thursday, April 6, 2017

Things are Moving on Multiple Fronts: Mediation, Appeal, R/S, 10K

The parties have agreed to mediate this matter on April 25-26, 2017 in the Chicago area, with Mr. Jonathan Marks as mediator, to attempt to resolve all, or at least a substantial portion, of the issues between them. The parties are diligently preparing for the mediation and engaging in settlement negotiations.

Should the mediation prove unsuccessful, the parties will submit a briefing schedule for the Court’s approval by May 19, 2017.
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nobody123789 said...

One now has to question the timing of the R/S? Could it be to ratchet it up the settlement value divided by the OS count? Whatever the number it will look a lot bigger divided by 20 million than 2 billion.

nobody123789 said...

A very serious attempt to come to closure:

Anonymous said...

The costs for a top flight two day mediation, including mediator (~$35K) plus movement and time of principals, staff and lawyers, their expenses and secure location is easily over 100k. Those costs could only be justified on the part of the Ethanol companies if they had legitimate doubts about the outcome of an appeal.

If they were confident and just going through the motions to show good faith to the appeals court, then they would have pushed for a common "joe the bartender" mediator who works for 20-25% of what this guy does.

I would expect the Ethanol companies to bargain away the integrity charges
against the GERS lawyers in attempt to lessen their motivation to stick with it. Split the enemy forces.

At least that is what I would do.

nobody123789 said...

"The Company's common stock will begin trading on a post-reverse split basis on April 6, 2017." Any ideas why this has not yet occurred?

Anonymous said...

Something is about to break!!!

Great move with the share price, more to come...

nobody123789 said...

Great move? Someone painted the tape for $80 so they could feel good over the three-day weekend. Cheer leading will not cause this to "break" as you say; only a windfall settlement in the near future or as a result of the appeal in the more distant future. Look for the 10K to be absolutely dismal and a reason for those concerned about fundamentals to abandon ship and that "great move" of the share price to tumble. The only piece of information that will be important is the OS count as of the day of filing of the new GERS shares. That number was 1.4 billion last November and would translate into 14 million new GERS shares; it will be very informative how much larger than 14 million the OS count is.

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