Sunday, April 2, 2017

The Big Payout - blast from 2008!

In one of the few times one could have made a KILLING hanging around this company and its sister companies - Kevin Kreisler announced when the stock of Agri fuels was selling around 21 cents a share - that the parent company would purchase it for 50 cents a share on 31 March 2008.  Much to the chagrin of some, it went off without a hitch. (thanks to Nobody for pointing out this history as we look to the future)

"The plan also calls for other GS AgriFuels shareholders to be bought out at 50 cents per share -- more than double Wednesday's closing price of 21 cents per share."  See Here

Here is SkunK back in the day (1 March 2008 - 30 days out)

Overall the market week was spent in a close trading range because it was waiting to see if Mr. Keisler was going (to be able) to go forward with the taking private of GS AgriFuels under the GERS structure ("the event"). At COB Friday GSGF closed at .457 (same as the bid). At first this would seem to indicate no market confidence in the event - but further review indicates that the ask was .49 - that there were no trades for the last 40 minutes and volume was only 7.33K. This large spread indicates that the holders of GSGF are convinced they will get the .50/share buyout by the end of March as planned. It also shows that others are equally convinced it will not happen - since their bids insisted on over a 9% premium to hold GSGF for 30 days (thats 109% annualized return).

I believe the event now must happen. Therefore it will happen. If Greenshift was to reverse course they would have had to do so before COB Friday. In the absence of information contrary to the event - there will be a gradual increase in the price of GERS through the .50 payout to GSGF shareholders. 


nobody123789 said...

Many kudos. December 2007! How the time "flies".

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Incredible persistence.

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