Wednesday, March 29, 2017

The Only Open Case is the Appeal



Anonymous said...

Lance Milligan was an investor and believed strongly in Greenshift's IP.

The Milligan family was struck with unimaginable tragedy on Sunday, March 26th.  The youngest, Lance, 39, was having troubles breathing after helping someone with their car and lost consciousness and was unable to be resuscitated. He was a life long skateboarder, summited mountains in Colorado, was a talented artist, and was always ready for adventure. Most of all he was a man with a beautiful, compassionate soul who was greatly loved by friends and family. Please consider donating on behalf of this loving family as monies raised will be put toward funeral expenses. Please keep them in your prayers.

nobody123789 said...

Thank you Skunk. It is clear that eventually a lot of money is coming to the principals (KK, DW, C&C, and others of the inner circle). How much, if any, will the common shareholders see; will any benefit accrue to the folks that have kept this company alive to the tune of $138,111,776 over the years? The actual damages and likely treble punitive damages will likely be stunning for a micro cap publicly traded company. IF KK does not take GERS private or declare BK is there a chance for the common shareholders? Most people think not.

Appeal Case Number 17-1832
Date of Docketing March 27, 2017
Appellant’s opening brief due within 60 days of docketing
Cross-appellant’s opening brief due within 40 days of appellant’s opening brief
Appellee’s brief due within 40 days of cross-appellant’s brief
The appellant’s response/reply brief due with 40 days of appellee’s brief
Cross-appellant’s reply brief due within 14 days of appellant’s response reply brief
Joint appendix is due within 10 days cross-appellant’s reply brief
[204 days total]

There is some some certainty for the Federal Circuit; BUT settlement/mediation could change this:

Settlement/mediation provisions

nobody123789 said...


We have struck out, perhaps you will help. Several years ago (5 - 8 ?), KK paid common shareholders ($0.50 ?) a share as he "privatized" one of the Greenshift companies. Will you help with the details; I know it happened even though my recall of the details is poor as I got paid. The importance of this documentation is to provide an example where KK "took care of" the common shareholders.

Than you in advance.

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