Monday, February 15, 2016

Litigation Update

Although we do not have a verdict in the bench trial, we do have reference to the transcripts on PACER.  The best I can tell, the public does not have access to it until 11 May.

Last year: See Here 

You do not have access to this transcript.
TRANSCRIPT of Bench Trial, Volume 8, Pages 1476-1553 held on October 15, 2015 before Judge Larry J. McKinney. (78 pages.) Court Reporter/Transcriber: Cathy Jones (Telephone: (317) 423-0436). Please review Local Rule 80-2 for more information on redaction procedures. Redaction Statement due 3/3/2016. Release of Transcript Restriction set for 5/11/2016. Associated Cases: 1:10-ml-02181-LJM-DML, 1:14-cv-08020-LJM-DML(Jones, Cathy)

We also have some recent filings:

Supplemental Authority

ICM wants to destroy old files.

Judge says no.


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Anonymous said...

Why do they want to destroy evidence in an ongoing case?

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