Friday, January 29, 2016

FLUX Carbon Corporation (“FCC”) aquires GERS

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ALPHARETTA, Ga.--()--FLUX Carbon Corporation (“FCC”) today announced the completion of a series of transactions pursuant to which it acquired majority equity stakes in Bitzio, Inc. (OTCQB: BTZO) and GreenShift Corporation (OTCQB: GERS).
“The recently completed transactions were structured to eliminate the majority of the combined company’s convertible debt and the associated overhang”
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The transactions additionally involved the completion by Bitzio of $2.9 million in conventional debt financing, the acquisition by Bitzio of 80% of GreenShift, and the satisfaction and elimination by GreenShift of about $14 million in debt.
FCC and GreenShift have assembled a portfolio of intellectual properties with application potential in three sectors: agriculture, energy, and lifestyle. The technologies cover renewable fuels and chemicals, solar energy and fuels, energy and chemical detection, cannabinoid extraction, wearables and consumer products, among others. The recent transactions are part of FCC’s broader plan to bring those technologies to market.



BillV said...

So GERS has new ownership now. Bought out by a company owned by some guy called Kevin Kreisler.

nobody123789 said...


This must be Hollywierd.

Anonymous said...

Am I stoned or is this thing up 420%?

Anonymous said...

This company with such brilliant leadership cannot ever fail. I am all in forever.

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