Monday, October 27, 2014

ICM Press Release

(Colwich, Kan. –October 24, 2014)– ICM, Inc. is pleased to announce that the United States District Court for the Southern District of Indiana issued a sealed order on October 23, 2014 holding all asserted GS CleanTech's corn oil separation patents (U.S. Pat. Nos. 6,601,858; 8,008,516; 8,008,517; 8,234,484; and 8,168,037) invalid and not infringed.
"The District Court’s Order resolves all pending motions for summary judgment in the Multi-District Litigation." said Brian Burris, Vice-President and General Counsel of ICM, Inc. "This is a paramount ruling in the patent litigation and will be beneficial for the entire ethanol industry that ICM continues to support."
The District Court has ordered the parties to show cause by November 6, 2014 as to why the Court should not unseal the entirety of the document for public access.

Deborah Bolen, ICM, Inc.
316-977-6882 Office.
Please note that the ICM press release above specifically claims inclusion of the '484 patent while another defendant's filing makes this statement:  "The court exempts the 484 Patent from this ruling . . . "



nobody123789 said...

Isn't the '037 the key patent upon which the litigation is/was based? The '484 patent doesn't appear on the GERS' web site suggesting that they think it a minor IP product.

nobody123789 said...

Something is garbled here.

Go to the USPTO web site:

Enter the five patent numbers listed: 6,601,858; 8,008,516; 8,008,517; 8,234,484; and 8,168,037.

Three of them ('516, '517', and '037) are GERS and two have nothing to do with Greenshift ('858, and '484). Yet an additional defendant filing references the '484 patent specifically.

Anonymous said...

Well....It looks like the beginning of the end for GERS. The words "I told you so" don't even to begin to cover what will take place next.

Good luck to all.

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