Thursday, October 23, 2014


Facilitate resolution

Nothing Further

The court will refer to him as Dennis.

This Filing is in Error

Telephone Status Conference



nobody123789 said...

Looks like KK and some here will not get their vengeance against DVG -- he has the protection of the Court. If you thought that personal pressure on DVG would force early closure you must now give up that hope. In fact, you must now abandon all hope of any timely resolution. The PPS should fall further as the reality of the success of the stalling tactics take hold.

nobody123789 said...

In United States patent law, a claim of inequitable conduct is a defense to allegations of patent infringement. Even in an instance when a valid patent suffers infringement, a court ruling on an allegation of infringement may exercise its power of equitable discretion not to enforce the patent if the patentee (the patent owner) has engaged in inequitable conduct. KK involved in nefarious, inequitable conduct in the course of his business proceedings? Never! Well, he has only been caught two other times? Put a fork in this turkey.

Anonymous said...

"Because my professor wants one," said Dennis, then a mechanical engineering student.

Today, David VanderGriend is chief executive of Colwich-based ICM, North America's leading designer of ethanol plants. His brother Dennis is ICM's senior process engineer.

When High Plains asked for his help in building a huge new plant at York, Neb., VanderGriend hired the engineer he knew best to help: his brother Dennis.

nobody123789 said...

If you are trying to develop fake press releases you need to make them more realistic. Start with appropriate punctuation and grammar. Of course that would take more than a fifth-grade education. Also, it would help your cause to "release" it while the market is open not on the weekend when folks have time certify it a fake. The fact that you have the name of a member of the ICM inner circle correct speaks volumes about the likelihood that you are a DVG crony.

Anonymous said...

That you tend towards sesquipedalian obscurantism conserves the case that your mind is second-rate, but I'll attempt to pierce your delusional haze in terms you would purport to comprehend. My motives are purely eleemosynary, though tinged with a touch of schadenfreude. The truculent trolls of GreenShift have had this coming for quite some time. I don't have a position in this dumpster fire of a company, and wouldn't suggest taking action based on my last post. Though I suppose anyone dense enough to be long in this lie-encrusted time bomb might think so.

Anonymous said...

It looks like we now have a second poster that goes for the idiot of the century award. Nobody you have company!

nobody123789 said...

The truth hurts, and I profide it.

Anonymous said...

There is always a sucker somewhere who has "the truth"


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