Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Yes Sur

Defendants Sur Sur Sur See Here

Grants GERS Sur See Here

Order Grants Defendants Sur Sur See Here

Data Search Protection Here



nobody123789 said...

Rome, rose, decayed, and burned faster than this case is progressing. This case should be labeled the "attorney's grandchildren higher education payment action".

Anonymous said...

For the Second time, I totally agree! This has become a Mexican Goat Rope. Not that I have any disrespect for Mexican Goats! MOO

Anonymous said...

All lawsuits take time, this is no exception nobrain123789. Why do you try to portray this as weakness? I personally think we have these crooks right where we wan them. They have no factual or legal arguments the would warrant a judge to "not" find in favor of summary judgment of infringing. Argue that loser!

nobody123789 said...

I wonder where you are going to be hiding when the judge declines to order a SJ?

Anonymous said...

Some have more than one posting Alias. Then nobody would know!
BTW Never has there been a clue the Judge will NOT issue a SJ when the time is right! Despite lies to the contrary I understand the evidence is he is 7 for 8 at present. DHOLE

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