Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Old News

Effective on April 30, 2014, GreenShift retired convertible debentures with an aggregate outstanding balance of $3,700,000, consisting of outstanding principal and interest of $3,609,205.76 and $90,794.24, respectively. GreenShift made a cash payment of $1,400,000 to retire the debentures.
The debt retirement is expected to reduce Greenshift’s annual interest charge by $215,000 (6% interest per year on the $3,609,205.76 of principal being retired).


I try to post the news while it is still news.  If my schedule does not allow I will post it when I can.  With age comes the knowledge that sleep is more than a luxury.  Who knew?


Anonymous said...

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nobody123789 said...

if all you are interested in is petty cash -- go knock over a parking meter. Jesh, $5K and bragging about it?

Anonymous said...

dont key n0b0dy nly poor folk post on multi forum. rich folk mak mmonies donkey. learn to trade

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