Monday, August 12, 2013

Defendant Civil War

Farmers invest life savings to form closed Co-op.  Farmers promise to sell Co-op their corn.  Professional management pays them less than market value and then shows a profit.  Nothing is mentioned in the article, but management/employee bonuses are often tied to profits.  Retired farmers have to buy at market price and sell to their own Co-op at less than market price to meet their legal obligations.  Active farmers just take a hit on every bushel of corn they sell to their Co-op.    Changes pushed through in the bylaws have made it difficult for the farmers to influence decisions.  Farmers are afraid of being forced out if they object to policies.  What could possibly be wrong here?



Slashnuts said...

Sounds like a familiar theme. Steal patents, steal from farmers, steal anything that's not nailed down.

The true character of Ahrens shines through. Al-corn is a patent infringing scam that steals from farmers to cover up the failed decisions of management. Ahrens needs to step down, he's destroying the company.

Anonymous said...

robbin hard workin farmers to pay the lousy lawyers?

Slashnuts said...

Corn LP Joins the .7# Club

Q2 Oil extraction jumps 1.15 million pounds over Q1.

Q113 oil yield .52 pounds per bushel, 2.85 million pounds

Q213 oil yield .70 pounds per bushel, 4 million pounds.

"At the present time we are producing between 175,000 and
180,000 gallons of ethanol daily, and thanks to trying some new
enzymes and the work of our Production Team to continue
fine-tuning some of the processes.
The result has been a dramatic improvement in the corn oil
yield from the previous 0.52 pounds per bushel to the current
0.7 pounds per bushel.
It’s been absolutely remarkable to witness just how smoothly
and efficiently the plant has been functioning, and unless a person
was reminded of the fact or looked it up in the records, you
would likely never guess that it has been ten months since the
plant was shut down for service and maintenance.

Corn oil sales have been a nice additional revenue stream.
The price per pound has dropped off around 4 cents per pound
from last year, but we’ve also seen an improved yield.
More and more ethanol plants are adding corn oil extraction operato
their processes, which adds more corn oil to the market’s

Our production for the first half of the year is up 1.1 million
gallons, meaning more corn was ground and thus accounting
for some of the increased cost."

Good Luck To All!$!$!$!$!$

Slashnuts said...

GPRE: Q3 Production to be Higher Than Q2

Despite their maintenance repairs being moved up to Q3, GPRE will produce 8 million more gallons than last quarter. GPRE operated at 93% capacity in Q2, producing 172 million gallons of ethanol.

Q3's target, with the 10th plant online, is 180 million.
Q4 will be even higher. Mr. Becker stated, "..there is definitely today a chance that we’ll run at full capacity in the fourth quarter."

Full capacity in Q4 is 197.5 million gallons. With an ethanol yield of 2.84 and an oil yield north of .7 per bushel, extracting nearly 50 million pounds on a quarterly basis is looking like the new norm.

That's 25% more oil than last quarter!

"We anticipate running our nine legacy plants at a slightly higher level in the third quarter and last week we started producing ethanol at our plant in Atkinson, Nebraska."

"We bought the plant with the expectation, we can get it up and running very quickly, and we have achieved that with very little additional capital needed, the plant was a very familiar size and technologies where operators and engineers, corn oil extraction will be installed at this plant by the end of the year."

Todd Becker
"You know, with the breaks we’re going to take in terms of production, because we’re pushing a little bit harder. And because we are bringing Atkinson online, we will be in the range of 180 million gallons of production for the quarter."

Todd Becker
"We should be up and running for the full quarter, we’ll determine based on the market how hard we push and where yields go. But in general, we should be greater than the third quarter and it just all – it’s a work in progress depending on how hard we want to push versus the yield."

"So we have to watch that closely but there is definitely today a chance that we’ll run at full capacity in the fourth quarter just depending on the market structure."

Good Luck To All!$!$!$!$!$!$!$

nobody123789 said...

Any one else notice that the more folks pump the harder GERS' PPS falls? That is an irrefutable fact documented by the history of the PPS. Is it possible that the pumping machine becomes primed when neutral to bad news is coming? That would explain this relationship. Not that the pumping causes the fall in the PPS but the news that precipitates it drives the PPS lower in spite of the pumping.

Slashnuts said...

An Excellent Presentation by GERS' #1 Customer, GPRE

This Jefferies presentation includes corn oil comments, as well as something I found very interesting. Mr. Becker speaks of retail gas stations embracing the blending of biofuels themselves.

That's right, large chain retailers are figuring out the economic benefits of blending biofuels at the pump.

Mr. Becker explained how there's a pool of about $1 billion untouched dollars that retail stations can cash in on. Of course the 1st thing that comes to mind is GERS' method of blending fuel patents.

Good Luck To All!$!$!$!$!$!$

nobody123789 said...

Last year on this date the Q2 was filed.

nobody123789 said...

suck it bitch
I'll pump
you harda

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