Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Another GreenShift Idea "Discovered"

Co-Locate Biodiesel Micro-plant at Ethanol facility to take advantage of Corn Oil Feedstock.

See Here

Here is a 2007 article where GreenShift describes their projects of

"co-locating four corn oil-based biodiesel plants on site 
at ethanol plants in the U.S. states of New York, Iowa, Indiana,
and Illinois. They will be small-scale modular plants,
ranging from 5 to 40 MMgy, and will be integrated with the
host ethanol plant."*

The first article has another reference to the Ethanol Industry 80% corn oil extraction saturation estimate.  I believe that of the four plants above the Indiana plant was built and is still operating. 
The Great Recession and the credit freeze stopped many of these capital intensive projects in their tracks.


Anonymous said...

nn0b0dy got punked dis wekeend ,enjoy sukaaaaaaa

Anonymous said...

80%?? is that why dilution stopped??

Anonymous said...

dilutions done gers gonna show huge profits stocks gonna fly

Anonymous said...

gers won case icms gonna pay lot of new license

Anonymous said...

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1,950,725 20,000
13 15:36:15 0.0013 23,363 nasd 0.0011 0.0013 23,363

1,907,363 20,000
12 15:21:24 0.0013 930,000 nasd 0.0011 0.0013 930,000

1,884,000 20,000
11 15:21:02 0.0013 70,000 nasd 0.0011 0.0013 70,000

954,000 20,000
10 14:58:04 0.0013 200,000 nasd 0.0011 0.0013 200,000

884,000 20,000
9 14:09:53 0.0013 364,000 nasd 0.0011 0.0013 364,000

684,000 20,000
8 14:09:41 0.0012 10,000 nasd 0.0011 0.0013 10,000

320,000 20,000
7 14:09:11 0.0012 10,000 nasd 0.0011 0.0013 10,000

320,000 10,000
6 13:21:00 0.0013 40,000 nasd 0.0011 0.0013 40,000

5 13:04:42 0.0013 100,000 nasd 0.0011 0.0013 100,000

4 09:33:01 0.0013 150,000 nasd 0.0011 0.0013 150,000

3 09:30:19 0.0013 10,000 nasd 0.0011 0.0013 10,000

2 09:30:19 0.0013 10,000 nasd 0.0011 0.0013 10,000

1 09:30:17 0.0013 10,000 nasd 0.0011 0.0013 10,000


nobody123789 said...

Do you have any idea how many times this has been posted here and on other boards before?

" ... dilutions done gers gonna show huge profits stocks gonna fly ... " and even with correct grammar, syntax, and spelling -- makes no difference.

The only thing that has flown so far is DISAPPOINTMENT.

Anonymous said...

not to mention

cantrell email

but its all [better] now

Anonymous said...

all buys sellers dry up will fly

Anonymous said...

buy low now *profits* sell high

clean tech said...

The United States Patent and Trademark Office is the Federal agency for granting U.S. patents. In doing this, the USPTO fulfills the mandate of Article I, Section 8, Clause 8, of the Constitution that the Executive branch "promote the progress of science and the useful arts by securing for limited times to inventors the exclusive right to their respective discoveries." Under this system of protection, American industry has flourished. New products have been invented, new uses for old ones discovered, and employment opportunities created for millions of Americans. The strength and vitality of the U.S. economy depends directly on effective mechanisms that protect new ideas and investments in innovation and creativity. The continued demand for patents underscores the ingenuity of American inventors and entrepreneurs. The USPTO is at the cutting edge of the Nation's technological progress and achievement.

nobody123789 said...

Either a 10-Q or NT 10-Q today or tomorrow. I can't wait, certain posters are sure it is going to be very good -- I can't wait.

Anonymous said...

When's your next trip out of the country......"I can't wait."

nobody123789 said...

What is the problem? We have been virtually assured that if the filing is good the PPS is going to take off. Don't you want the PPS to take off? Do you work for ICM?

clean tech said...

GreenShift Receives New Corn Oil Extraction Patent

Pivotal Allowance by USPTO Issued Over All ICM and Defendant Invalidity Contentions

Allowance Granted After Review by USPTO of All Alleged Prior Art and Arguments

clean tech said...

Significantly, the USPTO issued the new notice of allowance for the 991 Patent Application after reviewing all of the alleged prior art, arguments and other materials of all of the defendants, as well as additional materials submitted by GreenShift.

nobody123789 said...

Clean Tech -- what is the point of dredging up old information if you are not going to integrate it into a commentary or salient point that you want to make?

clean tech said...

GreenShift believes that the allowance of the 991 Patent Application by the USPTO in spite of everything raised by each and every defendant significantly increases the strength of GreenShift’s legal position and provides further substantial confirmation of the validity of GreenShift’s patents.

Anonymous said...

geeeez look at all the dilution-zero none done

Anonymous said...

no diltion = profits

clean tech said...


What's the point in opening your trap if your not a shareholder?

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