Wednesday, July 24, 2013


Order on Motion to Quash
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Trustworthy said...

I will mow your lawn for Ice Cream. Mom said I could!

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nobody123789 said...

Hey Trusty,

There are those that firmly believe that you are me or is it me are you, or Todu is all of us -- it gets my head spinning. Who am I?

Anonymous said...

Don't worry uncle, I won't say a thing about our family secret. Mom made me promise!

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Anonymous said...

nobody is back!? I thought he sold out at par value!?

Anonymous said...

By controlling the board of directors, and, thus, the officers of a corporation, majority shareholders often have outright decision-making power. Some majority shareholders use this power to oppress minority shareholders by:

- Squeezing-out / freezing-out minority shareholders
- Refusing to declare dividends
- Reducing profits and dividends (by increasing spending, etc.)
- Denying minority shareholders the right to inspect corporate records
- Diluting minority shareholders' interest by issuing more stock
- Moving business assets out of the business
- Terminating the minority shareholder's employment with the corporation

Anonymous said...

Was there a settlement conference? If so is there any info?

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