Thursday, March 14, 2013

Defense Extension

Request for an extension here.



nobody12378 said...

Any body still believe that there will be an early closure; with no trial, no appeals, and no motions to reduce the award and penalty? Until all those legal barriers are overcome no money will change hands from this foray.

Anonymous said...

Litigation moving along nicely. Defendant's request a one week extension to try to shorten witness list and speed up the process.

nobody12378 said...

Defendant's goal to speed up the process? You have got to be kidding!

Anonymous said...

Their words, not mine. Did you even bother to read the extension request, or did you just see the word litigation and decided to put your twisted spin on it, repeating what you have said at least a hundred times before?

nobody12378 said...

Twisted, in the sense it doesn't agree with yours?

Anonymous said...

Twisted in the sense you make it sound like "justice" is DECADES away.

nobody12378 said...

You think that this about justice? It is about settling a dispute without resorting to violence; if justice is served fine, but process will be served -- that is the ONLY goal. I have never said DECADES, I have said, and I have documented my sources upon which this is based -- "at least two years away". Of course, to a euphorian such as yourself that sounds like DECADES.

Anonymous said...

F*** this, and You. Got better things to do than play around in your little 24/7 demented world.

nobody12378 said...

Little minds and little four letter words go together.

Anonymous said...


Which other four letter words?

Anonymous said...


Slashnuts said...

NEWS!$!$!$Glacial Lake Energy Update

GLE Mina's COES is operational. A centrifuge from Italy was installed. GLE is finally upgrading Watertown so that the entire stream will be processed, not just 40%.

Focusing on Revenue Enhancement
Glacial Lakes Energy’s Operations staff is constantly on the lookout for products
or processes that will add value—and revenue—to the company’s bottom line.
“Whether it’s striving for better yields or coming up with a new product to market,
we are always looking for ways to enhance the revenue of GLE,” says Director of
Operations Frank Moore.
A recent example of this was the addition of corn oil extraction equipment at the
Mina facility—providing corn oil as an additional product to market from that facility.
Additionally, during the second quarter of 2013, GLE will be replacing the older oil
extraction equipment in Watertown, which is capable of extracting oil from 30 to
40% of plant production, with a new unit which will greatly enhance the amount of
marketable corn oil.
GLE is also studying other technologies and changes which will allow better
access the starch (sugars) and, ultimately, improved yields.

company maintained its focus on the areas that can be controlled and continues to take
steps to improve our revenue stream as well as contain costs,” says Sauer, citing recent
efforts to improve GLCP’s revenue stream with the implementation of corn oil extraction at
the Mina facility. “We continue to assess the market conditions in order to make decisions
regarding the operation of the facilities,” he adds. During the first quarter, GLE ground 20.5
million bushels of corn and sold 55.7 million gallons of ethanol.

"As described in last quarter’s article,
whole stillage from distillation is processed
into GLE’s valuable co-products such
as DDGS, modified distillers’ grains,
condensed distillers’ solubles (syrup), and
corn oil."

"Our business continues to improve. We increased licensed penetration and executed new agreements to install additional systems."

In addition, future results may be improved by the impact of event-driven systems integration contracts as we continue to receive significant interest for our engineering and other services in connection with the design, construction, integration and modification of corn oil extraction systems and other new systems for existing and prospective licensees. We are currently party to a number of such agreements which can be expected to contribute to revenue during 2012."

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nobody12378 said...
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nobody12378 said...
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