Friday, June 1, 2012

REX REports

Sales from corn oil production was $2.9 million in Q1’ 12 as One Earth and NuGen commenced corn oil production in January and March 2012, respectively.

In addition, we recently installed state-of-the-art corn oil extraction systems at our two consolidated facilities to optimize utilization and further diversify the offerings from our plants.

Effective December 1, 2011, reflecting its 10% interest in Big River Resources, LLC, (defendant) REX received a 10% interest in Big River Resources, Boyceville which operates a 55 mgy nameplate plant built by Fagen, Inc. with ICM, Inc. technology in Boyceville, WI.


Anonymous said...

Did REX sign up to pay royality payments to GERS?

nobody12378 said...


See I-Hub April 12 post # 27274.

Despite Slash's innuendo/hopes to the contrary:

From the REX 10K we know that One Earth Energy, LLC is 74% owned by REX.

From Steve Kelly:
Phone 217.784.5321
Fax 217.784.5332
202 N. Jordan Dr.
Gibson City, IL 60936
One Earth Energy is located approximately 1 mile West of Gibson City,
Illinois. Take State Route 9 west to Jordan Drive.

We now have the answer to the question about REX and GERS. His answer to the question: "Whose corn oil extraction technology
OneEarth is using"? His response was "ICM".

This speculation is now over.

Anonymous said...

relax relax...this is a 2 billion dollar company...just some growth pain...glta

Anonymous said...

do not worry we will all be rich beyond...

Anonymous said...

Will Leavenworth allow us to send KK christmas packages full of corn oil?

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