Friday, June 1, 2012

GERS Responds to MAX



I suspect the judge will rule within the next 30 days or so to dismiss the charges against GreenShift with prejudice in most, if not all parts of this case.  That's obviously just my opinion, but if anyone has read the various motions and still thinks anything will continue I would be happy to listen.


Anonymous said...

you bet, no worries least a 2 billion dollar company...glta

Anonymous said...

give it is the next aapl

Anonymous said...

The investment deal does'nt negate the alter-ego allegation in my mind. Sounds like the default benefited YA, by putting GERS further in debt. But it all sounds time barred anyway,

Its not how you play the game that counts, its whether you win or lose that counts.

Anonymous said...

beun fleesing

bye moore

Anonymous said...

Investors apply to wind-up Cayman Islands fund controlled by US-based Mark Angelo, allege fraud

December 22, 2011 by David Marchant


Investors in YA Offshore Global Investments Ltd., f.k.a. Cornell Capital, allege fraud, stock manipulation and self-dealing

Alleged misconduct involves several penny stocks that are publicly-traded in the USA

Fund directors identified as Mark Angelo, Matthew Beckman, and Gerald Eicke

Fund specializes in "death spiral" financing

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