Tuesday, May 1, 2012

GERS Answers

Defendants are trying to expand their counterclaims to include a declaratory judgment claim against an expressly unasserted patent.  Defendants are clearly trying to dictate CleanTech’s litigation strategy and increase the complexity and cost of CleanTech’s lawsuit.



Anonymous said...

sounds lot like certain poster who trys to dictate an control

totaltruth said...

Does anyone here know why an ethanol plant would no longer need a wastewater discharge permit? I think you may. Just look for the andersons at the link I provide. Does this sound like one of greenshifts patented technologies. While many plants are getting fined by the epa the andersons no longer need a wastewater discharge permit.


nobody12378 said...

"Defendants are clearly trying to dictate CleanTech’s litigation strategy and increase the complexity and cost of CleanTech’s lawsuit".

They are talking about the cost to common shareholders, we are the ones paying for this litigation, directly through the sale of shares and indirectly through dilution and diminished value of our shares. Don't be surprised to see this drag on for a year or two, in which time all legal maneuvering and appeals will be tried. IF ICM is able to get this before the Supreme Court it could be a decade in total time.

Obviously GERS has to conclude this litigation and protect its intellectual property. But the events here should provide at least two sobering reminders. 1) Litigation is never a slam dunk and further litigation must wait until the conclusion of this round -- we literally cannot afford a two front battle. 2) Given this uncertainty over the time for closure and therefore the end of dilution it is easy to understand why other investors fear to tread here.

Anonymous said...

What a figgin idiot!

Anonymous said...

Stick a fork in greenshift....they are done. They have neither the legal standing nor the money to stay alive. I suspect that insiders at GS know this all to well. The best they can hope for is some delays to gain some additional royalty revenue before end comes.crashing down. Good luck to all....never should have got this far if the truth was told in the beginning. What a waste by all.

totaltruth said...

Some might say this is no surprise as gers does not use chemicals. I say why are they just now discontinueing there permit for wastewater discharge? The andersons have been a custommer of gers for how long?

nobody12378 said...

Anony 8:03, do you have specific commentary on the concepts presented or do you only know how to create froth?

Anonymous said...

FYI...all gers systems are operating with the aid of chemistry. Ny adding the soap to the stillage you van increase oil production by 10 to 50 percent depending on who plant design was used, how well it is operated, type of corn and what type systems are used. Tricanters require it the most.

Anonymous said...

What a figgin idiot

totaltruth said...


Nevermind that's just the corporate office for gers they will be constructing! Lol I am really looking forward to see where gers will be at the end of this year! I'm sure imaginations cannot possibly go where I feel greenshift will be at the end of 2012. New technologies in play more income. We should start a campaign kk for president. At least he could probably make the USA profitable again.

Anyways I've got a call in to the andersons to try to find out if this is something significant. I did notice on their website that they are advertising CO2 sales. Not sure if that is new for them or not. I am also unsure if that is royalty based or not does anyone here know?

nobody12378 said...

The conceit of anonymity here promotes a certain savagery; licensing the arrogant to eviscerate others. There is way too much of this conceit and savagery that pollutes an otherwise wonderful service to GERS' shareholders and others intrigued by its prospects.

Anonymous said...

Figgin idiot

Slashnuts said...

"GS has some unique technologies in the pipeline which we gained access to when we licensed COE."

That's the best answer I could get. GPRE expects to announce something soon in regard to the several yield projects they have underway, but for now, it's under a tight lock and seal. Besides that, I learned there's several companies involved in this, hence the several projects. I have good reason to believe GERS is one of them.

The algae expansion project is well underway and the 5 acres will be finished in a few months.
Good Luck To All!$!$!$!$

nobody12378 said...

To insure that there is no confusion:

"A Midwest ethanol company says it will begin building a five-acre production facility to grow algae fed by carbon dioxide emitted by its ethanol plant in Shenandoah, Iowa.

The project, which uses technology developed by BioProcess Algae, is the next step toward commercial production of algae for animal feed, fuel, Omega-3 oils and other uses, the companies said in a news release."

Slashnuts said...

BIOF Q112 Report Thursday May 10

A very important report is coming out next week from our 3rd largest customer. Cargill owns a large percentage of BIOF.


DENVER, April 27, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- BIOFUEL ENERGY CORP. (BIOF) announced today that it will be releasing its first quarter 2012 earnings on Thursday, May 10, 2012, after the market closes.

The Company plans to host a conference call on Friday, May 11, 2012, beginning at 11:00 a.m. (EDT) to discuss the results. To participate, please dial (800) 944-8766. The participant code for the call is 84358. This call will be available for phone playback for 30 days by dialing (866) 281-6782. The access code for the replay is 167702

BioFuel Energy currently has two ethanol plants operating in the Midwestern corn belt. The Company's goal is to become a leading ethanol producer in the United States by acquiring, developing, owning and operating ethanol production facilities.

Anonymous said...

Mant thanks Slashnuts

Anonymous said...

The Anderson's installed an anaerobic digestor to produce syngas and clean up the waste water to a degree a discharge permit is no longer required.

Slashnuts said...

Greenshift is more than just a corn oil extraction company.

I find it interesting that BIOF speaks of increasing ethanol yields. This is the same thing GERS' other customers have been saying. Greenshift has stated that our customers are looking at the other technologies we have to offer and some of our customers have confirmed they're interested in these other technologies from Greenshift.

I continue to believe that something is going on with respect to feedstock conditioning which drives ethanol yields higher.

I think GERS learned a hard lesson with "too much information too fast" in regards to introducing the COES to the industry.

I believe licensed customers have a MAJOR advantage over the infringers and unlicensed producers, not just because of corn oil. But because they have direct access to the newest advancements in the Greenshift portfolio.

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