Saturday, April 28, 2012

Back to the Future

Here are Kevin Kreisler's 2008 comments concerning the tornado generator and how it relates to the older technology of the Range-Hilsch tube.  The GreenShift tonado generator is nicknamed TAZ.

"TAZ has been proven to produce results in myriad applications. While additional research is required to understand more about how it produces those results in each application, we know today that geometry plays a significant role in each. Your reference to the dynamics of the Ranque-Hilsch tube is one of several theories developed since the invention of the RH tube over 70 years ago; none of those theories have been proven to my knowledge. Note the difference in geometry, sizing and volume between the tube and the cyclone designs. To the extent angular momentum plays a role in TAZ (or the RH tube for that matter) it is a different role as compared to the RH tube."




Slashnuts said...

TAZ Revenue Stream Guesstimation

Let's say the revenue stream is based on a similar 20% royalty.

Using ethanol at an example price of $2.50 a gallon, every .1 increase in yield is $.25 in the pocket of the producer. If TAZ were to increase yields per bushel from 2.84 to 2.94 gallons, a 20% royalty would be $.05 per gallon of ethanol to GERS.(calculating the difference in yield the technology has gained the producer)

$37 million from GPRE's 740 MGY.
$120 million from GERS 2.4 BGY licensees.
$675 million from the 13.5 BGY industry wide.

A .2 increase in yield would double that. This thing could be bigger than corn oil extraction as it's uses are clearly not limited to this industry.

I'm very excited to see Greenshift's other technologies coming to market and is something I've been waiting for. It's no surprise to me that GPRE would be a first mover on this. GPRE has a history of thinking outside the box and being the first at trying new things. That's why they're currently the #1 largest producer of commodity grade corn oil. That's why they're the only company in the world producing algae, every day, on an indusrtrial level.

In the future, as E-15 matures, I can see producers gasifing the DDGS for even more etanol yield or to power their plants. I belive when this happens, producers like GPRE won't hold back on the amount of oil extracted. They'll remove it all prior to gasification since, in that case, there would be no need to worry about levels of oil in regards to profat compliance.

This is what I like about the ethanol industry. It continues to evolve, upgrade, and just get better at making more products/fuel from the same amount of corn. In the meantime, gasoline yields from crude oil remain the same.

Good Luck To All!$!$!$!$!$!$!$!$

Slashnuts said...

My cup of coffee said the .1 or $.25 increase is per bushel and shouldn't be multiplied by gallons but rather the bushels. But still, for the producer, these beniefits appear to be more lucrative than corn oil. What we don't know is what TAZ is capable of doing. If .3 per bushel is possible(2.7-3.0), the revenue projections would be correct.

Anonymous said...

Really skunk I comment on the fine job you and slash have been doing and your not going to display my comment? Are you really going to hold a grudge that long? I always say and post what a fine job you do. But because I disagreed with you one time you shun me. Which I might say I later retracted my disagreement. I do a lot of research also and you've never once acknowledged me or links I have displayed. And I'm always on the battlefront for gers and those who would say bad of it. As well as for you when you posted pictures of a confrence . And nobody dismantled the significance of it and everyone had a tendancy to agree with him. I was the only one who came to your defense. So if you have an issue with me you can let me know I will give you an email address later don't post this conversation.

* said...

not going to display my comment?

Sorry, not sure what happened to your post (or what your references are about) but I have not taken anything down for quite a while. Sorry again for your trouble.

Skunk Note to all posters. If a post has multiple links it might have not get past the spam filters is my only guess? Sense I took the "prove your not a computer" gate down the volumn of spam is unreal. The filters seem to catch most of it before it is published. You might want to save your post before your hit published in case it does not take. You can then paste it back in and guess what caused it to not go and change it.

Its funny, but obscene language seems to get through just fine and although it don't really bother me so much, it does some people, so that is normally what I take down. You can count that on one hand and have fingers left over.

When we get to the Charlie Manson level stuff that comes down too. Couple times a while back. If things get too weird we might have a cool down.

If the blog is like more than two weeks old that you post to - the post goes to purgatory with the spam where it waits until I get to it, which may be a long time.

Hopes that helps

Anonymous said...

I suggest the Vortex Generator is not in play in the ethanol industry at this time. If so, it would be gaining many headlines. Look to alternative industries for it to take hold but this will be driven by the alternative industry as my guess is the GERS people have hands full with the ethanol industry.

My suggestion is to make it visible to other industries by shareholder publicity if you want it to gain ground.

I am an invester in GERS. GLTA

Anonymous said...

By the way, who ever verified the 20% royalty. Although this may be desirable, each contract may be different. For example, would not GPRE negotiate for a lower royalty with higher volume versus a one hole shop? There is alot of smoke being deployed and the air needs cleaning up.

I am an investor in GERS GLTA

Anonymous said...

Note GPRE continues to refer to a grinding process and not a pulverizing or powdering process. Research into vendors selling grinding equipment into the corn ethanol industry may be helpful here. Anyone having an edge on pre-processing will want to make it known to the industry.

I am an investor in GERS GLTA

Anonymous said...

I think your 20% comment deserves attention.

If we are pretty sure of the production numbers and the 1Q (for example) shows 25% less than expected, maybe it is as simple as the actual royalties on average are 25% less (15%rather than 20%)than thought.

GreenShift started out at 20%, but nothing would stop customers from bargaining it down based on volume and other incentives.

Greenshift would be stupid to make any specific deals public because it would ruin their negotiating position with other customers.

nobody12378 said...

Sounds like a consensus is building that Slash was over optimistic about TAZ and GPRE as he was with REX and GPRE.

nobody12378 said...

The above should read REX and GERS.

boise defense lawyer said...

The application is quite outstanding. The officers behind it are good.

nobody12378 said...

EPL does not appear to be interested in alternative energy. What will be the fate of Sunoco's ethanol activities?

Anonymous said...

Doom and gloom at its best. Maybe they want to get into jerk off its profitable

Anonymous said...

Do not confuse being against something as a positive contribution.

Do not elevate those who just unthinkingly say no, like spinning a pagan prayer wheel, with those who do all the hard research like Slashnuts.

Anonymous said...

Wow....really. Based on the posts above it sounds like all of you should meet, sit in a circle, hold hands, stare in to the camp fire and begin singing kumbaya together. That might have a better chance of saving your investment in this insignificant company. Then agian...maybe not.

Anonymous said...

Keep up the great dd Skunk and Slash you two are patriots in my book. Ignore the pinheads as they are all talk with no substance.

Anonymous said...

Anony 1253 Note GPRE continues to refer to a grinding process

note to anony Gers website Tornado Generator™ accelerates compressed air to supersonic speeds to almost instantly grind corn

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