Thursday, April 26, 2012


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This is a common event


totaltruth said...

Hey skunk I posted you a link in the last set of comments for Gpre 1q financials also I noticed the had an extra 50mil in non ethanol sales. Is this income generated from other greenshift technologies? Could it be sales of CO2 or biodiesel?

jimmowrey said...

It took almost 2 months to grant a request to drop an attorney. This process will take much longer then I thought.

Anonymous said...

Hey I've got a wonderful thought. We can call nobody and the rest of the shorters like taduh, tiny bull, jim the IR's (idjut ramblers) so ih won't know what we are saying and we can let them know what we think. We can say stuff like the IR's sure have been busy today!

Anonymous said...

cropdoc is right nobody is wrong

Slashnuts said...

GPRE Corn Oil Revenues Surge 215% YOY!

GPRE is the largest producer of commodity grade corn oil in the U.S. and most likely the world. The largest producer of crude corn oil in the U.S./World is using Greenshift's technology. That's very telling, IMO.

"We are probably the largest producer of commodity grade corn oil for feed and biodiesel in the U.S. at this point. I feel this has given our shareholders a very stable unencumbered cash flow during the times of margin compression.

Revenues were higher for both of our corn oil production segment and our Agribusiness segment.
Corn oil production contributed $13.5 million in revenues on 33.5 million pounds of production compared to $4.3 million in revenues and 10.1 million pounds respectively.

We continue to see good values for our corn oil in the marketplace.

We have the bottlenecked our corn oil and we continue to the bottleneck our corn oil extraction. We actually got so good at it, we had to push it back to make sure that we don’t degrade the quality of the feed and so we know we’ve managed it very closely to make sure our end used customers get the very best product that we can make for them and without degrading the quality by taking too much of the oil out.

So we’ve reached kind of some capacity there, other plants have a way to go, but I think we’ll see yield improvement there.

So when you kind of combine that with some other initiatives in place, good corn oil, corn oil prices have done very well with bean oil rallying as well as hitting oil and some additional demand from the feeders and the biodiesel guys. So overall it’s going to be a better quarter, but we’re still in a challenging environment.

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