Tuesday, April 24, 2012

MAX Extension

MAX Plaintiffs file for - and get - a three week extension to answer the GERS motion to dismiss filed April 2.

See new extension HERE


As a reminder this is a non-patent related litigation concerning a formerly owned seed crushing plant in Montana.  Some history here


totaltruth said...

Great job staying on top of the news skunk! I would also like to invite you and all greenshift investors to take part in a poll of Greenshift Investors Opinions link is here.http://investorshub.advfn.com/boards/board_surveymenu.asp?board_id=6303

Anonymous said...

Skunk there's a must read article on ihub post #27663

nobody12378 said...

Don't drag the Skunk Blog into a "pump and dump" scam.

Slashnuts said...

Sunoco Design And Installation Revenues In Q112

Sunoco Hires Greenshift
"Sunoco additionally awarded GreenShift the construction project to design and install the equipment."

Sunoco Corn Oil Complete
"Sunoco added a corn oil extraction system which successfully started-up in December."

Corn oil prices surged more than 30% since last quarter. That's a pretty big deal to GERS. Neither Sunoco, nor BioFuel Energy, Rex American, or Marathon/Andersons contributed to revenues in Q4. They all ramped up in Q1.

The amount of customers that came online in Q112 is equal to the size of Green Plains. Never in the history of GERS have this many customers come online all producing at once.

Since Sunoco was finished in December, I believe they've been billed and have paid for the design and installation. This, as well the construction/equipment revenues from our other new customers will be a nice addition to revenues in Q1.

Sashnuts said...

Full Fledged Alfa-Laval's

Looking at pictures in Advanced BioEnergy presentation...

It appears these systems are equiped with an additional attachment on the side of the centrifuge.

If you look at United Ethanol's system...
it doesn't appear to have that bubble-like attachment on the back of the centrifuge.

I think it's a good idea to keep track of the customers that have the basic base model, 1st generation systems and those that have the new state-of-the art, 2nd generation, full-fledged Alfa-Laval's.

Slashnuts said...

GPRE Q1 Release Tomorrow...

The CC is Thursday morning.
This usually means the 10Q will be released the day before, or tomorrow, after the bell. I will be on the call soaking in every last word. From this release, we'll learn a lot about Q1's #'s. I believe the slight slowdown of some of the GPRE plants will be offset by the 30% surge in corn oil prices we saw just three months ago.


OMAHA, Neb., April 18, 2012 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Green Plains Renewable Energy, Inc. (Nasdaq:GPRE - News) will hold a conference call to discuss its first quarter 2012 financial results on Thursday, April 26, 2012 at 11:00 a.m. ET. Green Plains' participants will include Todd Becker, President and Chief Executive Officer, Jerry Peters, Chief Financial Officer, and Jeff Briggs, Chief Operating Officer. Following their presentation, participants will be available for a brief question and answer session.

Green Plains First Quarter 2012 Financial Results Conference Call
Thursday, April 26, 2012 at 11:00 a.m. ET / 10:00 a.m. CT
Call in # (Domestic) 877-681-3377
Call in # (International) 719-325-4770

The conference call will be available via webcast and is accessible at Green Plains' website at www.gpreinc.com. Listeners are advised to go to the website at least 10 minutes prior to the call to register, download and install any necessary audio software. The presentation will be archived and available for replay through May 3, 2012.

About Green Plains Renewable Energy, Inc.

Green Plains Renewable Energy, Inc. (Nasdaq:GPRE - News) is North America's fourth largest ethanol producer. The Company markets and distributes approximately one billion gallons of renewable motor fuel on an annual basis, including 740 million gallons of expected production from the Company's nine ethanol plants located throughout the U.S. Green Plains owns and operates grain handling and storage assets and provides complementary agronomy services to local grain producers through its agribusiness segment. Green Plains owns BlendStar LLC, a biofuels terminal operator with locations in the southern U.S. Green Plains is a joint venture partner in BioProcess Algae LLC, which was formed to commercialize advanced photo-bioreactor technologies for the growing and harvesting of algal biomass.

Anonymous said...


This is not rocket science. The "bubble" is simply a cyclone reciever used on all self-cleaning centrifuges to recover the high velocity bowl cleaning discharge. There is not a first, second or third generation invention here. It simply is process engineering to accommadate the feedstock stream properties for best corn oil yield. It may seem as though there are new generations due to patent activity, but the patent activity only improves enforcement of the original patent and not a new design particularly.

Westfalia Centrifuges work just as well as Alfa-Laval Centrifuges as has been proven in the fats and oils industry for years. Similar to "do you prefer a Gould pump or a FlowServe pump".

Look at Fagan's inventory to figure out where the Westfalia Centrifuges came from for Biofuels. They must have got a good deal.

As with any product it requires marketing and sales (Goulds versus FlowServe). Corn ethanol managers have been hired from company to company and carry with them prejudices that may be favorable or un-favorable to GERS.

Upstream processing appears to be as important as downstream corn oil extraction techniques. GERS has the BAT (:-) (best available technology) when it comes to corn ethanol facility corn oil extraction.

Winning the litigation is the home run and GERS has successfully been defending the patents and convincing enough corn ethanol producers to sign up; this supports our cause as GERS investors.

It is up to GERS investors to decide how far they will go to support GERS. Remember, KK and EC own a non-dilutable 80% of the company so all us GERS investors are only playing with the other 20%; including YAGI, MIF, and others diluting the stock.

I am a GERS investor, Good Luck To All

Anonymous said...

Just love it when Nobody questions or corrects someone on ihub and then they come back to correct him as welll as shut him up.

Just love when someone shows nobody how stupid he really is. Thought bashers were suppose to be smart and tricky. Guess Nobody still learning the game. Oh well.

Nobody...keep practicing. You will require more due to your low level IQ. Day is over. Get back on that little yellow bus to go home and see Mommy and daddy.

Anonymous said...

Ah Nobody, the person who sets himself up for every one to hate. If you knew who he really was, which I do, you would have a real chuckle.

Anonymous said...

Ok, can u give us a hint who nobody is? An infringer?

Anonymous said...

Who cares? It's a waste of time reading his propaganda.

nobody12378 said...

I think the only propaganda here is from those singing the chorus the "sun will come out tomorrow". If by tomorrow they mean several years from now I will sing along with them. However, I think that the propaganda (sanitized version of manure) spreaders mean something far more intimate.

totaltruth said...

Gpre 1q http://investor.gpreinc.com/releasedetail.cfm?ReleaseID=667467

nobody12378 said...

Last year GPRE generated $44.8 million in corn oil sales and they were in start-up mode at many facilities last year. That is an average of $11.2 million per quarter and that is diluted by earlier quarters of that year. That is a minimum of a 25% decline (likely larger) in Q1 corn oil revenue for GPRE and royalties for GERS, which I think is a measure of the the travail that the ethanol industry has been in. So, not really impressive at all.

Anonymous said...

Wonder if Nobody would act like this is we all knew where he lived and looked like? Most likely not.

So, nobody, you claim that your' not hiding behind the wall as an anonymous, why don't you tell us where you live. By the way, you title of nobody is same as being anonymous. So, don't try that one.

Funny how you have not answered any of my questions in the past that threatens your IQ. Oh well!

We all know what you're doing. Yeah, you're that pathetic and I know you enjoy this crap.

That's what happens when you have no friends and a loner. So sorry you're a miserable person. You get beat up alot as a kid? Can see why. Are you one of those that spends a lot of time alone with a sheep?

Best of luck to you.

Neil said...

Anon at 8.27am
Apart from the childish rambling you can leave personal threats out of this blog. Skunk deserves better.

Neilisnobodyskeeper said...

Neil I mean nobody I mean whoever there was no threat made. Knowing where he lives is hardly a threat Thanks
Oh and learn to add oil sales were HIGHER then the average HIGHER by 2.3 Oh an tell your boss class action suit is coming next

Anonymous said...


It was not a threat and please learn to read. Is English a 2nd language for you? Now, go back to bed with Nobody. He's calling you!

Anonymous said...

Nobody's info has been wrong again as others such as Cropdoc on Ihub have come back with facts to show how inaccurate and stupid he is.

Loving it :)

nobody12378 said...

Too bad he was wrong, isn't it?

Anonymous said...

Ahhhhh poor nobody cannot face the fact that he has been figured out as being really dumb.

Truth hurts sometimes...doesn't it Nobody?

nobody12378 said...

I take it that you are a member of the deceivers that I describe in today's I-Hub response to this nonsense.

Anonymous said...

cropdoc is right nobody is wrong

Anonymous said...

Fpr about a month now, I was sort of confused and complexed as to why Nobody was getting this negative reputation as well as being labeled stupid. In fact, I thought it was way out of line where in my view. He/She was asking good questions as well as concerns at that time in my view. In reality, he/she was just being bashful as he was shown up by others response.

Then everyone starting coming back with facts at him as well as other vaulauble info, I now understand why Nobody is seen the way he/she is. Well derserved in my opinion.

Sorry for those I challenged and questioned those that were right against Nobody's claim.

One thing I will say though, he/She wuld make a good English teacher. That's the only good thing about him/Her.

Have a good weekend.

Neil said...

Regardless of whether all Nobody's questions are answered fully and positively (which I don't believe), the important point is that someone is raising these valid questions in the first place. If some people here had their way, the hard questions would get glossed over.

Anonymous said...


You get back in that bed, Nobody is calling you now.

You 2 are pathetic!

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