Monday, April 16, 2012

Reader's Choice

Here is newsletter update from United Ethanol.  Slash pointed this out a few days ago and it deserves a lead. (Although is is dated Feburary it was only recently posted on its site)

"We also finished our first full year of corn-oil production, extracting 8,565,067 pounds of corn oil."
Here is another Corn Oil producer - this time in Canada.
Greenfield Ethanol will invest between $30 million and $50 million into its Chatham plant over the next several years, beginning with an oil extraction unit slated for this September.
See Here
Here is an article about corn oil related to recent related reports Here


Thanks to Kimbrowntxselect for the links on I-Hub above.


Slashnuts said...

I believe the updated photo was taken at United Ethanol. Same interior of white walls with cables going through maroone support beams.
Man, that is one sexy looking machine!

Anonymous said...

Sorry Slash, it is Sunoco.

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