Monday, April 16, 2012


What do I think comes next with the 5th COES  patent?

1.  Expect GreenShift to notify the court prior to or shortly after 1 May.
2.  Expect GreenShift to motion to add the patent to the case.
3.  Expect the defendants to fight (like its close to their last chance) against it.

Notice the matter of fact PR?  No litigation threat.  No mention of the NOA for the 6th Patent. (key term to get used to in the 6th patent: thin stillage concentrate).  I read this as projecting confidence by the GreenShift side.


Anonymous said...

I agree 100% with you skunk. In fact ill go as far as saying the reason greenshift didn't anounce the 6th patent is they are getting ready to start an investor campaign. As I'm sure these patents have built there confidence up. I bet there's also company's contemplating settlement real hard

Anonymous said...

It looks to me like dilution is continuing. Too many shares are being transferred without an increase in PPS. I think there is much we do not know. Although nobody is most negative, without stockholder information there is much to question and I would not be too hard on him. Nobody, try to utilize your extensive brain to debate the positive a few times and get these whiners off your back.

The anonymous blogger who mentioned the investor campaign is most likely correct, as well as settlement discussions. GERS may offer early settlers easy-outs only to persuade others to settle as well. GERS has now achieved profitability and has a six-deep patent protection process so venture capitalists will take notice.

If I were in EC's shoes I would be doing exactly that: (1) acquire new financing, (2) start an investor campaign and (3) play out new technology about to be unveiled.

This may be typical with the large blocks of stock selling each day. I guess it is legal, but does not yet bode well for the public stock holders since KK and EC own an undiluted 80% share of the company and may bend the rules any which way they want. The inventors are protected by the royalties from the technology agreement so stock price does not matter to them.

I am a GERS investor. Best to all.

Anonymous said...

Also, look to the indications of the last patents discussing drying concentrated syrup and being able to remove more corn oil due to establishment of different markets for dried syrup other than DDGS and animal feed. Could it be bio-degradable polymers or some other by-product use?

And my guess is that GERS is also on top of the isobutinol process and writing even more patent applications since the original ones only refer to ethanol production. However, I am not a patent engineer so I do not know how these patents may cross-over to isobutanol.

I am a GERS investor, Best to all.

nobody12378 said...

I think that you confuse objective with negative.

This PPS slide had better stop soon. KK is now paying too much in conversion fees for shares trading under a dime. See last year's release on why the R/S was necessary to read KK's statement on this point. If this slide, which appears to be a function of dilution, continues there must be a cut point where KK will no longer tolerate these fees and with the OS count increasing quickly we could see the dreaded R/S again by the end of the year; this time 20 to 1 would do the trick. Remember last year at this time many of you said that another R/S would NEVER occur? I am not stating that one will occur now, I am stating the obvious based on KK's own words in justifying the last R/S. This PPS slide had better stop soon, for many reasons, one of them is that we may be getting very close to R/S territory. But how is this going to occur when dilution appears to be the major factor?

I know that the tone of the 10K(a) discussion about dilution was somewhat more strident than last year's words; but I am still trying to understand where the revenue is going, why with increasing revenues the dilution appears to be ramping up too?

Crispin Paul said...

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Anonymous said...

What comes next? After the patent is overturned and if you were part of legal proceedings you would understand of will be, the company will file for chapter 7 bankruptcy and all.will lost by many. David knows this as well as others in the inner circle. Good luck to all!

Anonymous said...

The new patent means Icms last hope of invalidating is gone.

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