Saturday, April 21, 2012

ICM Adapts to Slowdown

Dale Turner of ICM described his employer as an engineering, manufacturing and construction company. He said its business primarily related to distillers grain processing, but he admitted that he didn’t know of any greenfield ethanol plants being built in the United States.

As construction slowed, he said, ICM “reinvented ourselves.” Turner said the company could manufacture and repair pressure vessels and perform custom fabrication work. In addition, he said ICM had developed products to help plants become more profitable and efficient and to provide them a new revenue stream.


QSI will bring 303 employees to Colwich and will be stationed in the south building of ICM, Inc., located at 128 N. First St. The building is owned by the city as it is under bond issuance. Therefore, ICM requested consent to sublease the space to QSI. This approval was granted during the city council meeting Monday, March 19


COLWICH – There could be a buzz of activity in the south building of ICM, Inc., sometime this spring.

For three years, the large office space has been vacant on North First Street in Colwich. During the Colwich City Council meeting Monday, Feb. 20, city leaders heard news of a call center interested in moving into the space. Since the building is under bond issue, the city council must give permission for occupancy and did so during its meeting.


Thanks to a reader for a tip on the status of ICM in recent years.  Although it is a private company with no obligation to disclose its finances, the information above may interest GreenShift shareholders who see an unlimited cash payout at the end of litigation.  It may also interest those litigants who's future is dependent on ICM's ability to indemnifiy their obligations under the United States patent laws. 

This story is still working, . . .


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