Sunday, April 22, 2012

ACE and E-15

Here is some discussion about E-15 by one of the defendants, Ace Ethanol.  Corn Oil production is based on ethanol production and E-15 will increase that market potential by 50%! 

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I have indoor plumbing and very little of the water that comes through the pipes do I actually drink.  There are people in the world who are thirsty with little access to portable water.  Does my water usage cause their thirst? 

Third world politics, lack of security and logistics are the cause of most hunger in today's world.  It is not the lack of food - its getting the food to those who need it - is nearly always the problem.

A 49-percent increase in corn prices would be expected to raise the price of a box of corn flakes by about 1.6 cents, or 0.5 percent, assuming no other cost increases. The so called Food Vs Fuel debate is more about General Mills not having to support a living wage for farmers with commodity prices that cover the cost of production - and Big Oil trying to get back 100% control over the price of Gasoline - than any kind of worry about those starving in the horn of Africa.


thu said...


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Anonymous said...

It's amazing how these big oil companies have really had their way with us. Ethanol is all American. Our corn, our farmers, keeping fuel down in our country. Time for us to become less independent on the middle east. It's right in front of us. Instead of these companies trying to hold us down they should join the cause like sunoco

Anonymous said...

Edit less dependent on the middle east

Lambertus said...

Yes, your potable water usage has correlation with the lack thereof in other areas.

From all the food produced in the world 50 % is thrown away.

For the moment there is plenty off everything, we only have to learn not to waste it.

Keep up the good work Skunk.

nobody12378 said...

The natives are no longer restless, they are somnolent, and soporific. Their company earned more than 60 cents a share, yet the P/E remains below 0.15! The company issued its first PR in months with an important announcement about their 5th patent and the P/E remains below 0.15! Each week favorable rulings emerge from the litigation and still the P/E remains below 0.15! We no longer need sleep aids; we need to know what others know that we do not.

Anonymous said...

Good Grief! It's bad enough reading Nobody's crap on Ihub. Now he posts the exact same comments about doom & gloom here!

Anonymous said...

Good Grief! It's bad enough reading Nobody's crap on Ihub. Now he posts the exact same comments about doom & gloom here!

nobody12378 said...

Glad to know that I am so widely read (twice). What are your ideas why the PPS is languishing? Can you contribute to the discussion or just attack those that attempt to stimulate it?

Anonymous said...

Hes the yohoo wierdo just ignore his ramblings

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