Sunday, September 18, 2011

Adkins Opposition

Adkins files Friday to oppose GreenShift adding new patent to the charges.
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Anonymous said...

Does anyone know of a legal document giving Adkins a pass on legal action? It sounds like hearsay that is not documented as best I may deduce. Adkins only states GERS "said" they would not sue them. Was the original contract actually cancelled or is this just Adkin's position?

redman34990 said...

Does anyone know if ICM is charging its clients a fee or maintenance contract instead of a royalty.It seems like they are in the equipment mnfg bussiness and want o install this tri-canter to skirt GERS patent. So at this point will Valero be liable for infringement? and Royalties!!$Why would they sign this contract they're not stupid and they have to see whats going on with the law suits. Now in the same breath SUNOCO has good attorneys and signed the licenseing aggreement with GERS. Which by the way GERS method gets alot corn oil with its equipment.

redman34990 said...

ONLY A LAWYER can reveiw the Adkins original contract which may have pertained to only the specific plant and or installation that gers was undertaking when GERS was getting started.It also may have allowed a royalty free plant but not necessarily a royalty free Adkins for the life of the co.

Anonymous said...

looks like slash has no opinion all of the sudden

nobody12378 said...

I am very surprised that Slash is not waiving the injunction flag now. It would be good time to do it.

Anonymous said...

Injunction is in the crystal ball. However, an injunction may not be issued until Valero starts up their first COES (AOS system to try to get by GERS patent) system. And why would ICM think they may get a patent on AOS when they argue GERS's patent is invalid? AOS violates baseline GERS patents and ICM should be aware of this. There is not just one patent to litigate, but four and many more.

Best to all GERS loyalists.

Slashnuts said...

I believe GERS licensed Valero.

In the Valero PR it said a "patent pending system". Not once does Valero speak of ICM having the method, process, and they don't even call it technology. In fact they call it "equipment", several times. I believe Valero is licensed with GERS and using ICM's equipment just like GPRE did. Just because ICM offers indemnification doesn't mean Valero took it, I think they declined it. GPRE declined it as well. Mr Becker talked about a big oil company getting into corn oil extraction, now we know it was Valero.

In the Valero PR, it said they expect the program to payback in less than two years. However, the ICM website said payback is less than 12 months(with no royalty). That leads me to believe that Valero's payback is greater than 12 months and less than two years due to the fact that they're paying a royalty to Greenshift.

Greenshift has stated that we've gained substantial new business in 2011. From 1 billion in 2010 to 1.9 billion so far in 2011. 900 million gallons this year. Calgren was the last to license in December of 2010. So in 2011, we licensed GPRE, MN(60M), Marquis, WI(70M), Sunoco, NY, (110), Andersons, IN, (110), and Advanced BioEnergy, NE, (110). That's a total of 460M. 900 - 460 = 440. Who's this 440 that both ICM and GERS have known about since at least June? It's Valero's four plants, IMO.

Albert City(110), Charles City(110), Fort Dodge(110) and Hartley, Iowa(110)

Before I thought BIOF(230M) was part of the 900M. That never really added up and then it came to my attention that they haven't licensed with GERS yet. They said they secured the major equipment and their "PLANS" were to license with GERS. I think BIOF is part of the additional 400 million gallons to be licensed by the end of the year(1.9 + 400 = 2.3B)So BIOF plus another 110 Aventine? and a 60 Didion?

This is the only thing that adds up perfectly, the only thing that makes sense. Nothing else fits. So let's add it all up.

I think the legacy systems are no longer a part of the total.(GERS owns 20% and gets 20% of the distributed cash but not the standard 20% royalty).

Y/A corn oil 198M gallons.

The Andersons Albion MI 55
Utica Energy, WI 48
Western New York, 50
Central Indiana 40.0

1 billion gallons licensed in 2010.

Green Plains, IN 115
Green Plains, IA 115
Green Plains, IA 65
Green Plains, IA 55
Green Plains, MI 57
Green Plains, NE 115
Green Plains, NE 50
Green Plains, TN 115
Marquis , IL 140
United , WI 52
Corn, LP , IA 60
Calgren , CA 60

900 million licensed so far in 2011.

Marquis WI 70
Sunoco NY 110
Advanced NE 110
Albert IA 110
Charles IA 110
F. Dodge IA 110
Hartley Ia 110

BIOF has their "equipment" and plans to license with GERS.

GPRE used ICM's "equipment" and licensed with GERS.

Valero is trying out ICM's "equipment" and has licensed with GERS.

Good Luck To All!$!$!$!$

Anonymous said...

Slashnuts hands out anothter knock-out

redman34990 said...

GPRE used ICM since they were the contractor to construct their site but they do get a taste of the two plants they purchased that had gers equiptment in them already. I'm sure they will make their own comparisons.

nobody12378 said...

Sorry Slash,

No go. Here it is from Valero directly:

"On Sep 19, 2011, at 3:07 PM, "Gillingham, Jim" wrote:

As mentioned in the press release, we are using the ICM Advanced Oil Separation system. 9 of our 10 ethanol plants are designed by ICM and their new technology seemed to make the best sense for us.

May I inquire the nature of your business and reason for your interest?


Jim Gillingham

Sr VP, Alternative Energy and Project Development"

Anonymous said...

what was the question to ICM?

Anonymous said...

Unh hunh and he just happened to email you back within 45 minutes of slashs post sure buddy

Anonymous said...

This stock is a joke .They will reverse split once again and the skunkhunter will still get paid to recruit more saps.Stay away from this one folks as its not even a gamble

Anonymous said...

OMG they signed Valero?

Anonymous said...

ICM threatens owners of ICM built facilities that they will not support the ethanol plants unless they utilize the ICM corn oil extraction systems.

Slashnuts said...

Doesn't mean a thing. The majority of GPRE's plants are ICM as well. What did you ask? If they're installing ICM equipment? I see no denial of a license with GERS, just reconfirmation of the equipment deal with ICM. You offer no explanation of the payback time. You don't explain who the 440 gallon customer is. Wake up! It's Valero!

nobody12378 said...

Instead of character assasinations I dig for facts. Anony whomever, the name of the Valero official is there for the validation. Slash, I hope you are right. I have another email in to the Valero official for which the answer will be telling in this regard.

Slashnuts said...

So do I.

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