Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Defendents Respond

Defendants respond below to GreenShift request for Markman reschedule.  Although I did sense an abundance of emotion, I did not see a single legal precedence cited in this long brief.  I almost wondered out loud if the intended audience is the judge or the Ethanol Industry?  GreenShift has been winning the marketplace recently.  I am new to this legal stuff, but I had got used to seeing legal precedence cited to support the legal positions taken in these legal briefs. 

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Iroquois filed a separate brief.  It is shorter, unemotional and has legal precedence cited.  Iroquois' decision to file separately is curious.  I wonder if Iroquois decided to file separately so they could write a more traditional reply to the court. 

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Thats my opinion above and I would be interested in reading your thoughts in the comments below.  Thanks


Anonymous said...

Stinks of desperation. Now they're resorting to character assasination to try to bias the judge.

Slashnuts said...


What are they so pissed about? Is it the fact that the ethanol industry has caught on to their junk-box Crycanter scam? Sunoco went with Greenshift's Afla-Laval, after an extensive 3rd party review, simply because it's the best. I mean seriously, is a $5 billion dollar oil company going to get pushed around by a million dollar company because they're scared and confused?

ICM's comments are an insult to the industry.

Advanced Bioenergy asked around and talked to other producers to get their opinions. The unbiased opinions of the industry are that Crycanters are unreliable, low yielding, with excessive down time. Calgren wasn't even involved in the lawsuit, they just wanted the Crycanter removed because they were tired of it. Even ICM's own infringers have consistantly reported problems of reliability, low yield, and extended downtime.

The Alfa-Laval systems are the highest yielding systems period. Like Advanced Bioenergy just pointed out, with an Alfa-Laval, the use of additives aren't even needed because the system doesn't fight itself. Crycanters cause a lot of their own problems by creating unwanted emulsions and that's where they lose their yield. This uses more electricity and could raise the PH of the oil. Additives are needed to break the emulsions to try to cover up their design flaws.

Expensive additives are not needed with Greenshift's Alfa-Laval's, which come with the lowest downtime in the industry, guaranted. Something ICM refuses to offer because they know they can't compete with it.

Anonymous said...


I Copy Machines
Infringing Companies Machines
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Idiot Crackhead Managers

Anonymous said...

Where are the doom and gloom prophets of bid collapse? bids of 400 mill an growing no sign of dilution

nobody12378 said...

Right here. There is absolutely no reason except "hope" to be buying this stock at 0.0002 or before the R/S. Plenty of time after the R/S to determine a good entry point. If the Markman hearing had gone on as scheduled, maybe. But not now.

Anonymous said...

Get your facts straight. The hearing is going as scheduled on the 22.

Anonymous said...

Can you admit you were wrong about the bid collapse? Some listened to you and sold at 1 and now they can't buy 'em back for less then 2.

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