Thursday, July 28, 2011

GPRE Earnings Transcript

Corn oil production made a significant contribution in our profitability generating $6.3 million of operating income and the sale of 21.5 million pounds of the product. Eight of our nine plants are in full production and the ninth plant will be producing corn oil by the end of the third quarter. We expect to be producing over 25 million pounds per quarter going forward with the additional plant and improved yield as we line out our equipment and debottleneck that process.

Because of the significant contribution corn oil makes to our business, we’ve broken it out as a segment for reporting purposes and remember we report corn oil as a net number after keeping our plants whole for the storage grains revenues and covering expenses related to the production of oil.


We saw this coming.  Now everyone can see it.  Major Ethanol Producer starts off the Conference Call with corn oil.  With tight Ethanol margins -  corn oil made the difference. 

This is better than a "PR", this is an "IR" - Industry Relations . . .


Anonymous said...

Will "the split is also intended to facilitate additional debt reduction and further improvement of our balance sheet....." mean more shares to be printed for sale after the R/S? They like to dig money from our pockets to reduce the debt by r/s...

Anonymous said...

Agreed. In addition to the frightening possible of dropping back to .0001, the fact that the 14mill could be distributed into 20bill is just a deal killer.

That alone will keep any big investors away.

I have been in GERS for 3 years, and thought we were right at a turning point a few weeks ago with all the theorizing going on regarding buybacks, etc.

I'm not selling, but I'm not buying any more either until I see some changes.

Anonymous said...

are they allowed to keep doing that? is there not someone who can be called or reported to for shady buisness practices

Anonymous said...

i agree...the reverse split occurs weeks prior to the quarterly report which could be share price supportive....unfortunately, huge price destruction can occur over a matter of days...this is very unpleasant

Anonymous said...

Nothing shady is going on.

If you do not understand debt to equity then I suggest you leave your money in your bank account. It is Government insured to like 200K and you will earn about 1/10 of one percent interest.

If you want to earn any more than that, then you have to assume more risk. You are hanging out at the complete opposite of the spectrum. This is ultra high risk with a matching potential for gain. No bumpers in the gutters here.

Don't try and play with the big boys if you can't hit a curve ball. Mom's are running a TEE Ball league two lots over.

Anonymous said...

The R/S hasn't even happened yet. All we got is a heads up. It will be after the 2Q comes out. READ the filings. Not what other people say.

Anonymous said...

This isnt about curve balls and Moms running a TEE Ball League.

I'm not new here, and I never thought it was a sure thing. I know where I am and I know the risks.

But, I've been very very active with GERS for 3+ years, and all I see is sketchy mismanagement and a pattern of shareholder losses.

Anonymous said...

Really? All I've seen is innocent farmer co ops get duped, by a construction firm, into breaking the law and participating in patent infringement. That's what's harmed investors.

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