Wednesday, August 9, 2017


ICM Inc. is one of the most recognized names in ethanol, and now it wants to carry over its vast service knowledge and experience into biodiesel. About 60 percent of North American ethanol plants employ ICM process technology, says Debbie Harding, ICM’s marketing manager. 

The company already provides behind-the-scenes benefits to biodiesel producers with nearly 50 percent of the market in distillers corn oil (DCO) extraction technology, increasing availability of lower-cost feedstock to biodiesel producers. ICM’s corn oil extraction design employs a horizontal three-phase decanter, or tricanter, design. “We’ve had buyers of distillers corn oil say they prefer to get it from ICM systems because the product is more consistent,” says Brock Beach, ICM’s vice president of sales and marketing. ICM has also helped increase extraction rates. “We started with a base tricanter system,” Beach says. “That recovered 0.5 to 0.6 pounds per bushel. Then we added our Selective Milling Technology that increased recovery by 5 percent. Our Fiber Separation Technology added another 10 percent bump in corn oil. ICM’s Thin Stillage Solid Separation System (TS4) provided another increase. And at the end of the line, we have our gen 1.5 corn fiber to ethanol process. So now, in all, our systems can recover up to 1.2 pounds of DCO per bushel.” 

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nobody123789 said...

Is their corn oil extraction process still a knock-off (pirated, infringed version) of GERS' COES (disputed IP)? This litigation has languished so long that fundamental issues like this are no longer widely known and no one is talking. Another example, does GPRE still contract for GERS' COES? They used to be willing to discuss this openly, now not a word. It is truly amazing how true this statement is: let the lawyers in and the darkness follows. No filings, no information, no public statements; only darkness.

nobody123789 said...

That was published yesterday. The rhetoric certainly does not sound like a company brought to its senses by the ligation and settlement discussions. In fact it sounds more like Trump addressing Kim Jong Un as saber rattling. Lets just proceed to our nuclear option and continue with the appeal. I for one have become bored with this "fan dancing".

Anonymous said...

In 2007, compared to today's value, 1 share of GERS was worth $45,000,000. KK loves his followers.

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