Monday, June 26, 2017

Big Picture: This means absolutely nothing . .

06/26/2017 50 CLERK'S OFFICE QUALITY CONTROL MESSAGE: Notice regarding the ECF account of Ruth Rivard for Blue Flint Ethanol, LLC. The e-mail address, (, associated with your CM/ECF account has generated a delivery failure notice. Counsel should promptly report a change in contact information with the Pacer Service Center (see Fed. Cir. R. 47.3(c)(1). [441876]

. . .  but it does show you I just checked pacer.



nobody123789 said...

We need you "to keep on truckin".

nobody123789 said...

ICP is a GERS' client

Coincidence or settlement related?

Anonymous said...

Hopefully fired due to the overwhelming evidence on behalf of GERS. So overwhelming they don't need Ruth anymore! In other words, settlement related!

nobody123789 said...

Sorry, I do not follow PEIX. Who is Ruth and why would her firing indicate a settlement is near?

nobody123789 said...

I have been constructively (I hope) critical of many aspects of how the company has been managed over the years and yet I came up with

I could have added additional certification of the likely large amount of the settlement/court awards by reminding people that YAGI forgave certain debts, in part, by "...including any amounts awarded in the Company's pending and future infringement matters ... " as payment. I purposely did not, as I have no trust in anything YAGI is associated with and "payments" could have been in funny money. That said, it does appear that YAGI also is banking a large amount of their money on a large settlement/award.

I do however trust that C&C are not fools or stupid and that their payment derived from " ... any recoveries from the Company's pending patent litigation ... " must rest on expectations of a certain size of recovery that I have described above.

I also trust the USPTO that has sided with GERS and against lower court Judge McKinney

I also trust the Federal Circuit Court which already decided the merits of a very similar case and thereby eviscerated McKinney's legal arguments. The Medicines Co. v. Hospira, Inc. 827 F.3d 1363 (Fed. Cir. 2016))

I also trust the mediator Jonathon Marks. Look at his pedigree! And in Exhibit 1 you will see that more than six weeks are spent preparing for the face-to-face mediation sessions that will occur if he believes that there is a solid basis for settlement.

My point. There are either things we do not know or understand (that renders all that we do know as meaningless) and this gambit will fizzle on the launching pad and we will have another tax write-off. OR we will have a spectacular launch, if what we have here becomes widely known. I do not see a middle ground, this is an all or nothing escapade and I am betting based on what I do trust that if the investing/gambling world is widely alerted to what has happened that we get lift-off.

Anonymous said...

This is so amazing that KK has yet found another way to bounce the stock price for nothing more than his rewards. All of you should buy-buy-buy because KK needs money to pay off his divorcee. And to finance his luxury house in Palm Beach, Florida. Not to mention all the other similar fake ventures KK is now getting involved with. Check out his LinkedIn data sheet. I would guess anyone investing in this new hoax would want to throw money at those as well. More money will be made on this stock by the shorts than will ever be made in a court of law. I myself am looking forward to a luxury boat.

nobody123789 said...

Good to hear.

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