Friday, January 27, 2017

Motion Denied

Even if the patent examiner’s decision had been available to the Court prior to its ruling on the summary judgment motions, the Court would not have considered it for the same reason that such evidence was excluded at the trial on inequitable conduct. There being no other reasons to alter or amend the judgment, CleanTech’s Motion to Amend, MDN 1665, is DENIED.

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nobody123789 said...

Not a bad thing at all. GERS has fulfilled the requirement of the Federal Circuit to not waste their time with obvious judicial errors. If McKinney had agreed to reconsider the case who knows how long that would have taken and the likely outcome is apparent from this ruling. IN other words, this expedites the way to the Federal Circuit where GERS need to be.

Anonymous said...

I had a feeling we were going to see something this week...New calendar, 30 days, then another 30 days then another 16 days puts us towards the end of April, then a few days weeks for the judge to decide on the brief.

In the meantime, aren't we still waiting for the appeals court to make a decision? Or was the appeal remanded back to McKinney and this is where we are now?

Anonymous said...

Still pushing this scam you piece of shit?

nobody123789 said...

Very articulate.

nobody123789 said...

No one is in a hurry to dump shares when they can (non zero BID) and no one is in a hurry to execute the R/S. We are now in the longest lag time from effective date to execution ever. No idea if it means anything but those are the facts.

Anonymous said...

Hey Kevie, an update would be nice for your shareholders. You know, the pukes that have kept you afloat all these years!

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