Friday, October 23, 2015

Plaid Canary

Pervasip Corp. announced today (16 Oct) the appointment of officers of its wholly owned subsidiary, Plaid Canary Corporation (the “Company”).

Kevin Kreisler, 42, Chairman, Acting Chief Executive Officer

Kevin Kreisler is the founder, chairman and acting chief executive officer of Plaid Canary Corporation. Mr. Kreisler is responsible for devising the Company’s strategic direction and the development and commercialization of its technologies

Steven Beebe, 57, Chief Operational Officer
. . .  Most recently, Mr. Beebe was Vice President of Information Systems at GreenShift Corporation where he was responsible for developing and managing GreenShift’s industrial automation capability and IT infrastructure. 

Plaid Canary

On July 1, 2015, we purchased Plaid Canary Corporation (“PCC”), a special purpose consolidation company focused on acquiring, developing and supporting companies and technologies in emerging agricultural markets. The acquisition of PCC allows us to offer products, services and new technologies to the emerging cannabis and related agricultural markets. PCC’s Grow Big Supply (“Grow Big”) subsidiary operates a 38,000 square foot retail agricultural grow facility supply store based in Denver, Colorado.

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