Wednesday, September 9, 2015


Have we seen the last SEC filing?
Is this the last MDL filing?

"This case, therefore, will not benefit from further coordinated proceedings as part of the Multidistrict Litigation."

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nobody123789 said...

Does a BK filing count as A SEC filing?

Anonymous said...

I am going to acquire another 2,000,000 shares with in the next few days...

Looking forward to a robust earnings report and a positive court ruling in the next few days.

BillV said...

Positive court ruling? Are they even done with depositions yet?

Anonymous said...

It's my understanding that they appealed the McKinney ruling and it is under review. McKinney's ruling will be overturned like so many of his past rulings.

Anonymous said...

GERS drops to the pinks for not filing and you're expecting a positive report? Judge tosses out the MDL and you're looking forward to the appeal? Shouldn't you be asking yourself where on earth would they get the money to pursue the appeal when they were cash broke on the last earnings report? That sort of logic defies common sense.

Anonymous said...

Careful with your comments. This should not be a site to make degrading comments about relations of those involved. As they say, if you cannot stand the heat, get out of the kitchen. I imagine your comments are only because of personal loss and you are frustrated.

GERS is a group of forward thinking entrepreneurs who work hard with their skills. Think? How many companies do you know that would still be around and fighting for their rights under the laws of the USA against a behemoth ethanol industry with multiple government contacts. I imagine their books need to be squeaky clean and have probably been audited many times over.

If the GERS contracted companies thought anything less, they would back out of their contracts knowing GERS could not afford a lawsuit against them. Obviously GERS provides those companies value. And that is what is paying the bills.

Skunk, please block this person from further comment.

Anonymous said...

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