Thursday, November 20, 2014

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Anonymous said...

lol, nobody has to repeat himself again and again otherwise the people who can read and understand the English language don't know they have to sell or what the stock price is off GERS.

Imagine that someone doesn't know the stock price of a share he owns, you could not do without his posts.....

What a waste of time that guy is; 11, 4 years times 3 posts a day.....

nobody123789 said...

Maybe if you spent more time paying attention to what is happening than with those that do not agree with the company's direction two things might happen: 1)You would have more insightful comments, and 2)You would recall that I have steadfastly called the direction of the PPS for more than 6 years with my reasons why I took this position. If you notice, I have been right on.

Anonymous said...

Turn that around and market, boys and girls. Make it a business decision to go with the company that can make them the most money. Stop wasting our money on something that is now not winnable.

Long story short, you got scammed!

Anonymous said...

Perhaps this is a blessing in that it will force KK to focus on marketing superior technology, in terms of higher yield. The yields of GPRE and other licensees far exceed those of the ICM product.

You are a fool! GPRE is using the ICM product. It's over. They lost. End of story. You got scammed!

nobody123789 said...

Better contact:

Jim Stark,
Vice President - Investor and Media Relations,
Green Plains Inc. (402) 884-8700

As you are calling him a liar.

nobody123789 said...

Green Plains Renewable Energy to Implement Corn Oil Extraction Technology

OMAHA, Neb., July 21, 2010 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Green Plains Renewable Energy, Inc. (Nasdaq:GPRE - News) announced today that it will implement corn oil extraction technology at its ethanol plants. The Company expects to complete the technology deployment by the end of the first quarter of 2011 and anticipates the project would enhance operating income by $15 million to $19 million per year.

"Our objective is to continue to diversify our cash flows and to de-risk our overall platform," said Todd Becker, President and Chief Executive Officer of Green Plains Renewable Energy. "This project allows us to realize additional income streams from value-added co-products. The production of 75 million to 90 million pounds of corn oil per year will generate substantial recurring free cash flows and excellent returns on invested capital."

ICM, Inc. has been awarded turn-key installation contracts at five of the Company's six plants. The expected total project cost for all plants is approximately $18 million. The Company anticipates first revenues from corn oil extraction at the Obion, Tennessee plant to occur within the next 90 days.

Green Plains has entered into a license agreement with GS CleanTech Corporation, a subsidiary of GreenShift Corporation, to utilize its patents and pending patents.

Anonymous said...

That was fast.

Q:Are you using ICM corn oil extraction or Greenshifts at the ICM designed facilities?

A:And I quote,

"We are using ICM corn oil technology at all of the ICM plants."

"Licensing patents is not the same as licensing technology."

He said they licensed both. No comment on what SJ means for the former.

Anonymous said...

But we know what it means.

Anonymous said...


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