Tuesday, October 28, 2014

GreenShift PR

 — GS CleanTech Corporation, a wholly owned subsidiary of GreenShift Corporation (OTCQB:GERS), today announced that on October 23, 2014 the District Court in Indiana ruled in favor of defendants on their motions for summary judgment against the corn oil extraction patents that have been issued to GS CleanTech. GreenShift strongly disagrees with the Judge’s ruling and intends to mount a vigorous appeal. It is important to note that all patents remain valid until the appeals process is exhausted. This may be an initial victory to our opponents, but as the inventors of the corn oil extraction process that has been adopted by the vast majority of ethanol plants, GreenShift expects to ultimately prevail.

Read more here: http://www.heraldonline.com/2014/10/27/6462185/greenshift-provides-patent-litigation.html?sp=/100/773/385/#storylink=cpy




Anonymous said...

Your done....let it go Dave.

nobody123789 said...

If the appeal was about application of the law there might be a chance. This is not the case. This appeal is about the judgement of a district court judge that there was a premature offer to sell the technology. The higher courts allow lower court judges great latitude in such judgements reasoning that they have a more complete sense of the minutia of the case. In other words -- little chance of reversal.

Anonymous said...

Wow....who would have thought it. Many thanks go out to SRS / Valicor and Agri Energy for finding the offer for sale. Both should be thanked by the industry...they saved us $$$. Job well done and justice is served!

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