Friday, October 3, 2014


Dennis Vander Griend is the Director of Engineering at ICM.
Thus, Mr. Vander Griend was clearly aware of the testing and development of the ICM oil recovery system that was sold to various plants. Contrary to Mr. Vander Griend’s sworn statement and his attorney’s representation, Mr. Vander Griend was involved with the oil recovery system . . . 

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14 October 1 pm



Anonymous said...

Someone is going to get caught in a big fat lie, right DVG? Is it really true that you didn't know what was going on in your company? LOL!

nobody123789 said...

Truth, Justice, and the American Way are attributes of Superman, not the American legal system. The only attribute that matters in the latter is WINNING. With the successful delaying tactics, including those associated with the nonsense of what DVG CEO knew, they are driving GERS to BK. That is their goal and it has been successfully and artfully choreographed. Doubt me? Take a look at the PPS, the debt, the length of time before we have any FINAL resolution here, C&C contingency fee, YAGI -- dilution and ownership of patents and much of the future court awarded damages. This is like getting killed in the cross-walk as a pedestrian. You are in the right, dead-right and the driver is moving forward with his Mercedes, and babe, laughing all the way.

Time to stop seeking justice and accept reality.

Anonymous said...

Broken record, GERS is going to be broke, what a joke that Nobody.

Anonymous said...

Should be held in contempt for lies to judge. what's he hiding?

Anonymous said...

They will settle so that these lies, contempt and perjury get swept under that carpet. He would rather have ICM settle with corporate money than face criminal charges and civil liabilities. JMHO... So the reality is, this will not go on for years. Once ICM settles, the other cases will pony up if ICM does not have the money to cover the legal costs and awards. I give this about 3 to 6 months at the most!

nobody123789 said...

I am certain that you said that two years ago. Such a view is not supported by the vindictive nature of DVG that I am told will attempt to take everything down in flames if he cannot win.

Anonymous said...

Including his ethanol customers?

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