Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Short Order

For the foregoing reasons, the court GRANTS in PART and DENIES in PART
CleanTech’s motion to quash the subpoena (Dkt. 5) to Michael Rye. Mr. Rye’s
deposition may not be taken by the defendants unless, after they depose Mr.
O’Brien, a strong showing of the need for Mr. Rye’s testimony is demonstrated as
addressed above.

See Here



nobody123789 said...

Still winning?

Anonymous said...

still whinning?

Anonymous said...

Van der grind seems to be squirming a little.

nobody123789 said...

Congratulations GERSlanders an all-time record low:

$0.0099 312,000

Anonymous said...

patent issued:

Anonymous said...

china shuns US distillers, prices plummet
new patent is new market for distillers grains.

Anonymous said...

Greenshift Team on Linked-in:

Kevin Kreisler:

Greg Barlage:

David Cantrell:

Edward Carroll:

David Winsness:

John Horstman:

Patrick Bush:


Anonymous said...

Steve Beebe:

badbilly said...

i truly have said exactly what the female dummy says in this video....

Anonymous said...

Dave Gillespie:

nobody123789 said...


Where are you? We need your help and influence. The PPS is cascading toward a penny and therefore ultimate de-listing. Without your "help" the dream may be over. Your enthusiasm and DD are desperately needed -- SOON!

nobody123789 said...

Alert, alert -- new all-time low reached; 0.0097. If the BID does not get above a penny in the next month GERS will be de-listed.

Anonymous said...

What is your problem with Slash? You have a grudge to his enthusiasm and DD? Very good that you post the very useful objective fact on all message boards you control that would be invisible for people not owning or watching the price that we are at a new all time low.
You know that any intelligent person would be glad to give you the right to flood opinions about GERS with your drivel, so please respond and we will go on ignoring you.

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