Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Litigation Update

Add '037 Western New York

Add '037 Little Sioux

Add '037 Southwest Iowa

AI answer to 1st Amended Complaint

AI answer filed with Patent Office



Anonymous said...

Do they think the Patent Office will lay down and roll over based on their assertions that GERS was wrongly issued several patents in sequence? And GERS has not suffered damages? PLEASE!! MOO

nobody123789 said...

Do you think that the courts will rollover and shorten their process in time to save GERS from de-listing, followed by BK? PLEASE!!!

Anonymous said...

You need to get more rest!

Nobody alt ego said...

It takes lots of time to run a large company under suit (Remember I am NOT responsible for the actions of my company!) AND keep everyone up to date on this message board. Rest is not an option!!!

Anonymous said...

lol n0b0dy loser stiull hjere lmao

im making 40ks lat month he cry on thsi board all day lmao

poor wife left for another man

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