Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Round Up

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GERS Speaks to Homeland


Little Sioux



Anonymous said...

Every piece of news is a step closer to settlements and/or outright victory.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Obiter dicta

Anonymous said...

i cant believe the judge has not thrown defendants lawyers in jail for contempt or submitted them for disbarment.

nobody123789 said...

You have placed your bets on GERS, your opinion is biased.

Anonymous said...

What is "oil"

How about the stuff they sell for profit (after the extraction process) the disavowal of which plainly makes them liars, cheats and thieves, In My Biased Opinion.

They did not do this by accident!

Anonymous said...

To me, substantially oil could only mean something greater than 50.01%. It should mean, the % that is the minimum % offering effective results as determined by the minimum standards as set forth by a refinery. In other words, let the infringers try to sell anything under 50%.

Anonymous said...

icm indemnified producers for ... removing 'oil.'

infringers remove less oil than gers and refer to their system as ... 'oil separation.'

i think they should be stuck with their own lower percentages, and upwards, as the mets and bounds for what one skilled in the art would call 'oil.'

their claim they did not know they would be extracting "oil" seems an obvious lie.

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