Saturday, May 31, 2014

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Anonymous said...

"Purports to be" Is often used in the defendants filings. Are we going to get into the meaning of "Is" before this is decided? DHOLE MOO

Anonymous said...

Looks like Cantrell Screwed the pooch on this one. Data is data, facts are facts. in todays electronic world, it is difficult to dispute timelines.

However, GERS had a confidentiality agreement with ICM. Why is this not the subject of a lawsuit rather than patent infringement.

More money in the patent suit I believe, which is what the lawyers are after.

The way this is going, it may hit the supreme court. Nobody and Slash, I would like to hear your latest take on this. And the other idiots need not chime in. Also, I can get the ask/bid any time so you shut up idiot.

Furthermore, the guy that cannot satisfy his own wife and purports to screwing others wives can go away as well.

Make this an informative site and not a place to vent your own horrors.

Anonymous said...

Like I have said many times before, the smoking gun may just be the letter and it's timing. Was it an offer to sell? Was the date changed? Was the original signed or not signed? They are putting about 50% of their argument on that letter. Comments?

Anonymous said...

When you say "Other Idiots" are you implying Slash and Nobody are the original idiots, or are you just another uneducated simpleton unable to contain your implausible veneer of having a grade school understanding of the use of English? We "Other Idiots" need to know, so we can appreciate your superior judgment. Or not.

nobody123789 said...

It is my understanding that the "Cantrell letter" was submitted to the USPTO when GERS requested a reevaluation of their patents. The USPTO, in the face of this and other "data" submitted by the defendants, still determined the patents to be valued. Anyone else with legitimate insights?

Anonymous said...

ask the people too stupid to get out of jury duty what they think.

Anonymous said...

Some people consider it an honor and civic Duty to serve as Jurors! I am encouraged to learn you are to educated to serve and too blind to your own shortcomings to render judgment on complex matters. Good Balance for a Pipster!

Anonymous said...

assume all you want sucker fish

Anonymous said...

'if it dont fit you must acquit'

nobody123789 said...

I do not need to mention that for the most part, we the common shareholders, are paying to put all of these attorneys' GRANDCHILDREN to college. They filled the needed expenses for their children long ago. So what's the hurry? Everyone is getting paid and we are the only ones losing money, and we do not count becasue there is no real and accountable corporate governance.

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