Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Tag-Alongs Follow

". . . the Tag-Along Defendants adopt and re-urge the claim construction arguments regarding the ‘858 patent family patent previously made by the other Defendants . . ."
See Here


So it is unanimous.  All the accused infringers do not like the court's claim construction. 


Anonymous said...

Trapped like rats!

What know yee say Willard?

Anonymous said...

First notice of appeal.

nobody123789 said...

You have been told for years that the appeals would follow. The judge knows this and is why he is being so careful.

Anonymous said...

Settlements before appeals as preceded by a slight tap on the back of the head with a sledge hammer. These infringers are so backed into a corner they will have to settle. Any attorney advising otherwise is just in it to suck out coin, and I don't mean bitcoin. Game, set match my friends.

Slash - when is Kevie and his little band of buddies going to buy common shares. This really concerns me! Why do you keep avoiding my question???

Anonymous said...

If "a little band of buddies" has all their capital invested in their company how could you then demand answer from a message board poster on the why their also split-ted common shares are not so numerous?
maybe somebody is not evading a question but preventing your loss off face or own capability and responsibility for thinking.

nobody123789 said...

They do not need them with their preferred shares, why run the risk? Also, you are severely understating the key person in any settlement scenario, DVG. GERS' principals understand that he will not settle under any circumstance, that this is personal, and that business issues are no longer driving his decision making. The settlements will not happen and the appeals will follow this round of litigation.

Anonymous said...

So a judge is more careful if he knows that you? told that more appeals would follow, get your head out off your ass, dumbo!
Just for your information moron 1 or 10 appeals a judge is supposed to ALWAYS be careful.

You've been told for years that you blabber at random.

nobody123789 said...

DO you have any idea how naive and disconnected with reality you sound?

Slashnuts said...

As evidenced by the surge in new licensee's, fence sitters see an expected appeal as a GERS victory.

What new company will infringe with the judge and USPTO siding with GERS? Hanging their business decisions on the hopes of an appeal? Appeal on what grounds, the good judge has been very careful and the interpretation of the patents claos make perfect sense to everybody except the infringers.

Infringers have their backs against the wall, begging the judge to reconsider the ruling.

During this no merit appeal, 3X treble damages continue, GERS will continue eliminating debt, gaining new customers, selling equipment, (since infringers refuse to indemnify or sell equipment now) and dvelop new technologies for licensed producers.

If DVG wants to continue tripling the damage award, let him.

Anonymous said...

reality: n0b0dy broke and doint know how to trade. what a sucker. lost so much moniyes wife left for corner job. learn to trade suckkka

nobody123789 said...

Yup, that why I am out sitting on a profit after many years waiting for the inevitable lower reentry point.

Robin B. Lipinski said...

nobody and slash both post a lot and disagree a lot but at least they cling to a modicum of decorum.

Insults as implied by boorish behavior such as the anonymous comments about other investors and in particular the recent comments about Mrs. Kreisler serve no purpose but to further the touch of hate.

There are terms doctors of science use describing why people do and say such hateful comments 'anonymously' but the real truth is those people are hiding under the cloak of hate and also cling to evil.

GERS, I'm invested and waiting to see if my investment pays off. I'm thinking I will but I have been wrong before.

Anonymous said...

I take offense to this response from a board "never been heard from before". I ask what is wrong with meeting the person(s) responsible for investing the money you entrusted to them for the past 10+ years, and the subsequent evaporation on a percentage of my personal wealth? How dare you turn my requests for locating Mr. and Mrs. Kreisler into something misconstrued as devious. You sound like a sister looking out for her sibling or her personal attorney. Who wouldn't want a face to face with the people running the company that they invest in?

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