Friday, March 7, 2014

Entry from Status Conference

Status Conference SEE HERE

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Anonymous said...

In the midst of all the giddiness that accompanied the PR on Monday only one post provided the guidance required to put those events into perspective. On this blog under the entry ‘32’ on March 4, Anony 10:43 asked why this signing had a PR.? It had just been documented that there had been several new signings yet only the ICP was publicized.

It was bandied about widely that this meant the attorneys had relinquished control of these communications. There are two ways this would have happened; it served the litigation, which it did not. Or, it was required to pay the attorneys, or starve off BK – which it was.

Another poster NOBODY brought forward reasonable estimates that the OS exceeded 1 billion; he had actually stated more than 1.5 billion. Again no one listened. Now when NOBODY returns from where ever he/she is will she/he also be right about zero BID before any “riches can be garnered here – many months away”?

On this I weigh in. Absolutely. By announcing the R/S weeks before it will happen the door is not wide enough to let all the sellers through before the rest will not be able to sell their shares at any price; the rest will wait until the R/S is executed and then watch it plummet afterwards. So now you have been warned again, by another voice.

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