Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Defendants Denied Extension

Gentleman, we need a reason.
See Here

Ahhh ". . . necessitated by conflicting schedules of the joint defense counsel . . . "



Anonymous said...

I wonder if the decision to RS was technical and based on the yoy 10K numbers, which were probably done and ready for filing, or if that decision was based on the Q1 numbers, which most likely were neither done nor competent for future payment projections ???

Anonymous said...

No one files 4 quarterlies. One is always wrapped up in the annual.

GERS has never filed a 1Q.

Info is always consolidated in the April Annual report. Just check the SEC records if you do not believe me.

Anonymous said...

Then whats the 10Q they file in April and how do you wrap up that particular something up, if it does not exist, with the annual?

Anonymous said...

I dont think "subsequent events" are included in the calculations for the particular filing's books. Thats why they are called "subsequent events."

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

i didnt see any war hero bdge

Anonymous said...

"Then whats the 10Q they file in April?"

They do not file a 1Q in April.

They file a 10K (annual) in April.

1Q time period is included in the Annual.

Just look at previous years. Same way every year.

Anonymous said...

Dude, you mean they do not file 4Q.

that is in the annual 10k in April

1Q is filed in May

Anonymous said...

i meant may but could be filed in april or may so ... i miss your point.

the numbers for Q1 dont appear in the 10K so ... again i miss your point.

Anonymous said...

I misspoke.

No 4Q.

The 4Q is in the annual.

The 1q comes 45 days after the end of the 1q - or by 15 May.

Anonymous said...

During the nine months ended September 30, 2013 three customers each provided over 10% of our revenue; during the nine months ended September 30, 2012, three customers each provided over 10% of our revenue. As we expect a number of our customers to commence corn oil production in coming months and additional royalty agreements to be signed, we do not anticipate that any of the customers that have been significant to date will continue to represent a significant portion of our revenue in the next fiscal year. Currently, however, our ability to maintain revenue levels depends on continuing relations with a small number of significant customers.

Anonymous said...

That was 2 quarters ago and now is almost the end of the 1st quarter of "[that] next fiscal year."

I think its started and many others will see that too.

My prediction: Gap Up!!!

Anonymous said...

well if means at much to you ...

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