Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Response to New Search

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Anonymous said...

23% of all files with the Flottweg name also included other GERS search related terms. Does this suggest to a degree that 23% of Flottweg's business involved COES?

nobody123789 said...

All Aboard!

Next stop is zero BID (you will not be able to sell your shares for many weeks to months) and then you will be stuck at the station until the next R/S comes along.

History repeats itself until it does not.

Bid/Size Ask/Size
0.0001 / 206,789,700 0.0003 / 9,946,100

Anonymous said...

Bid/Size: 0.0002/1,130,000
Ask/Size: 0.0003/19,390,544

nobody123789 said...

I think this morning's response to the continued dumping and dilution of shares is indeed coupled to the fear that zero BID and R/S is on the horizon. The number of shares available at 0.0003 has increased significantly.

Bid/Size Ask/Size
0.0002 / 1,130,000 0.0003 / 19,390,500

Anonymous said...

Yea by a whole 3 G's. Ican do that in 1 click of a mouse.

nobody123789 said...

Dumping you ask -- the last 19 trades:

$0.0002 1,000,000 OTO 09:32:55
$0.0002 9,000,000 OTO 09:32:55
$0.0002 800,000 OTO 12/09
$0.0002 90,000 OTO 12/09
$0.0002 152,136 OTO 12/09
$0.0002 989,200 OTO 12/09
$0.0002 1,358,664 OTO 12/09
$0.0002 891,336 OTO 12/09
$0.0002 3,450,000 OTO 12/09
$0.0002 2,999,800 OTO 12/09
$0.0002 2,658,911 OTO 12/09
$0.0002 999,953 OTO 12/09
$0.0002 9,000,000 OTO 12/09
$0.0002 1 OTO 12/09
$0.0002 1 OTO 12/09
$0.0002 11 OTO 12/09
$0.0002 11 OTO 12/09
$0.0002 2 OTO 12/09
$0.0002 1 OTO 12/09

If, as expected the SJ motion fails and we go to trial can you imagine how many of the current holders of GERS will be trying to get out before the zero BID and R/S? Not all will make it through that small opening, I am afraid.

Anonymous said...

Why are you here if you do not own any shares? Do you feel that threatened at your current infringers job? Or maybe you run the company. Infringing companies corporate thieves in so many ways. Justice looms!

Anonymous said...

His prospective is from ICN eyes.

Anonymous said...

obody123789 said...
This is not about winning the lawsuit, it is about delaying to the point that GERS goes out of business and the suit becomes moot. Your argument is vacuous and inconsistent with the "David vs, Goliath" defense, so often employed in these settings. Why do you think the Apple/Samsung case was resolved in less a third of the time this suit has taken so far? Neither was a "David".

December 9, 2013 at 7:37 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Yea from ICM's pov. Winning is what it's all about from GERS pov.
Growing sales and cash, customers/ extended maturity dates. GERS ain't going out. ICM hopes were dashed 4 years ago on that one

nobody123789 said...

"Justice looms!". How naive. Civil proceedings have little to do with "justice" they serve a process in place to insure that our grievances do not break down into civil disorder. If, after process is served justice follows, fine, but that is secondary. Any judge or attorney will tell you this. if you invested here under the banner of "justice", so sad. As for share ownership, outside the inner circle few have as many. Instead of castigating the motives why not try and counter with cogent arguments. Propaganda isn't selling here.

Anonymous said...


nobody123789 said...

Yes, any one buying at 0.0003 paid 33% too much and that is just for today.

Bid/Size Ask/Size
0.0001 / 207,789,700 0.0002 / 10,164,400

All Aboard the zero BID train.

Slashnuts said...

GERS' #1 Customer Completes Acquisition

Acquisition of Two Ethanol Plants Complete

The acquisition increases Green Plains' production capacity to over one billion gallons of ethanol per year.

I predicted this well before the deal was announced. These are quality plants in the corn belt. One in Nebraska, the other in Minnesota.

GPRE is bringing three oil extraction systems online in Q413. Adkins (1), and the former BIOF plant in Minnesota (2).


-- Green Plains Renewable Energy, Inc. (Nasdaq:GPRE) today announced that it completed the previously-announced acquisition of two ethanol plants, located in Wood River, NE and Fairmont, MN, from Ethanol Holding Company, LLC, an entity composed of the predecessor owners' lender group. The acquisition increases Green Plains' production capacity to over one billion gallons of ethanol per year.

"Our team worked to quickly complete this acquisition and will now move to integrate these two plants into our platform as seamlessly as possible," stated Todd Becker, President and Chief Executive Officer. "We will also continue to execute on our strategy to expand and diversify our business and to build long-term shareholder value."

Good Luck To All!$!$!$!$

nobody123789 said...

Not news, old stuff, got any new stuff?

Anonymous said...

Bid/size 210,789,795
Ask/Size: 0.0003/6,206,100

Anonymous said...

Too Funny!!! Mr. "I've been bashing using the same crap for the last 8 years" wants to know if Slash has anything new!! Ha ha...

Slashnuts said...

GERS Licensed Corn LP Extracts New Record

Oil extraction yield jumps 28% v.s. prior months

Corn LP expects yields to continue higher


"At present we are now producing approximately 0.7 pounds
of oil per bushel of corn ground, which represents a significant
improvement over the ratio in past months of approximately
0.55 pounds of oil per bushel of corn.
By adjusting demulsifier amounts and altering the standard
operating procedures, we’ve been able to squeeze out the additional
amounts of oil, thus we are able to garner the premium
available by selling the oil separately from the DDGS product.
We are currently working on some other improvements, and
the best part of these is they can be implemented with no capital
cost as well."

Corn LP licensed GreenShift's oil extraction patents

"We are confident that the addition of GreenShift’s patented corn oil extraction processes to our facility will help us build on our successes with additional improvements in efficiency and profitability.”

Good Luck To All!$!$!$!$!$

Anonymous said...

ask @ 4 slash pipe down a bit

nobody123789 said...

After hours mean squadoosh. The only difference is my "crap" always comes to fruition. Folks that hate that "crap" hate the truth.

Abe said...

nobody123789 is a basher hired by the infringers - it's rather obvious.

Abe L.

Anonymous said...

Don't discount the improvement in operations. The revenue stream will strengthen thru Q4 and thru 2014. And this is with current client base. Any new licensees will just add to the pie.

nobody123789 said...

ASK 0.0004??? As stated yesterday after hours quotes mean nothing, about as useful as positive commentary instead of realistic analysis.

0.0003 / 8,586,100

nobody123789 said...

What improvement? EC clearly described a client revolt over royalties: "Currently, however, our ability to maintain revenue levels depends on continuing relations with a small number of significant customers."

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