Saturday, November 23, 2013

Very Interesting

Day in the life of a Patent Lawyer HERE
(Billing Rate Revealed)

Summary Judgment Motion of No Invalidity HERE
(This is one of many)

150 Pages of New and Interesting GERS Stuff HERE
(It will take awhile to chew through this leather shoe.  Most detailed information ever . . .)

"Shortly after the inventors disclosed and publicized their patented invention, the market adopted the technology en masse.  But some of the most eager adopters of the
technology were also the most blatant infringers of Plaintiffs’ patents"

"Each of the Defendant ethanol plants practicing CleanTech’s patented methods have made millions of dollars selling the corn oil recovered, and GEA, ICM and Flottweg have made millions selling the systems themselves."


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Anonymous said...

Now these bastards are getting the run-around like they have been giving GERS for years. To funny! One less attorney on terra firma is a good thing, put them all in the air!

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