Thursday, October 10, 2013

Got an Additive?

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Anonymous said...

n0b0dy cry againn little gir. lose lot money now live on gers street

nobody123789 said...

And every one thought that it was all quiet on the dilution front. SURPRISE! New all-time low and another R/S is just around the corner. Folks, think about the facts here not what you want them to be and you will know that this is inevitable without new financing and cash infusion. GERS has been trying very hard for more than 18 months to find a sugar-daddy and none has emerged. The potential suitors know a lot more about the finances of this company than we do, and despite all the glitter on the patents have passed. There has to be a fundamental reason, and this is why we are going into this never-never land of R/S again. In seven little minutes we were diluted 20% -- incredible. Do you really wonder why few will gamble with us? Do you also realize how hard they are hurting for cash when they dilute us by about 20% for less than $10,000? That should be petty cash for KK. To add to the certainty of the upcoming R/S is the fact that those 0.0001 shares traded below the BID which is exactly what happened two and half years ago before the last R/S; shares were being wildly discounted.

Anonymous said...

Any reaction to the settlement nobody?

nobody123789 said...

Have we received any money from this settlement? No! Therefore, how will it impact our underlying problem?

Anonymous said...

Fagen's paying gers dildo they settled on a fair royalty.

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